Dr Soyoung Suh


Department of History
300 Carson Hall
Dartmouth College
NH 03755

Affiliated Researcher – University of Westminster

Soyoung Suh graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles in 2007 with a thesis entitled “Korean Medicine between the Local and the Universal: 1600-1945.” Her dissertation examines the rise of an indigenous identity in medicine, which was intertwined with regionalism, nationalism and colonialism. After spending one year at Harvard University as a Post Doctoral Fellow in the “history of modern science and technology in East Asia,” she was affiliated with the University of Westminster in London collaborating in a research project entitled “Treating the Liver: Towards A Transnational History of Medicine in East Asia, 1500-2000” funded by the Wellcome Trust. Her articles are published in Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity (2008) and Korean Journal of Medical History (2010). Her current research interests include “Korean consumption of Chinese medical texts and herbs,” “medical advertisements in colonial Korea,” and the “history of psychiatry in Korea.” She is now in the process of revising her dissertation into a book.


Suh, Soyoung. (forthcoming) “Korean Doctors Between Hwa-byung (Fire-illness) and Depression, 1930-2010,” Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry (under revision)

Suh, Soyoung , “Hŏ Chun's (1546-1615) Tongŭibogam (Precious Mirror of Eastern Medicine),” an essay in TJ Hinrichs and Linda L. Barnes eds., Chinese Medicine and Healing: An Illustrated History (Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press).

Suh, Soyoung , (forthcoming) “Marketing Medicine to Koreans,” a chapter inserted in Vivienne Lo ed., Visualizing Chinese Medicine (Leiden and Boston, MA, Brill).

Suh, Soyoung , (2010) Review of Carla Nappi, The Monkey and the Inkpot: Natural History and Its Transformation in Early Modern China (Cambridge Massachusetts; Harvard University Press, 2009), Journal of the Korean History of Science Society, 32:2, 311-319 (Korean).

Suh, Soyoung , (2010) “From Influence to Confluence: Positioning the History of Pre-Modern Korean Medicine in East Asia,” Korean Journal of Medical History 19:2, 225-254, state of the field article.

Suh, Soyoung , (2010) Review of Institute of History of Medicine, Yonsei University ed., Hanŭihak, singminjirŭl alt’a 한의학, 식민지를 앓다: 식민지 시기 한의학의 근대화 연구 The Modernization of Korean Traditional Medicine during the Colonial Period (Seoul: Akanet, 2008), East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal. 4:2, 363-366.

Suh, Soyoung , (2009) “Herbs of Our Own Kingdom: Layers of the ‘Local’ in the Materia Medica of Chosŏn Korea,” Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity 4:2, 395-422.

Suh, Soyoung , (2008) “A History of Herbal Medicine in Korea” an article inserted in Volker Scheid and Dan Bensky, Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies, 2nd ed. (Eastland Press).

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