Dr Leslie De Vries

Leslie de Vries is a historian of East Asian medicines. He was trained at Ghent University, China Arts College in Antwerp, and Zhejiang University. In 2012, he obtained his doctoral degree at Ghent University with a dissertation, entitled: “The Gate of Life: Before Heaven and Curative Medicine in Zhao Xianke’s Yiguan”. From 2013 to 2015 Leslie was a research fellow of the Beyond Tradition project at the University of Westminster (funded by the Wellcome Trust). 

His most recent publications include the articles “The Authentic Man as Ideal for the Late Ming Dynasty Physician: Daoist Inner Alchemy in Zhang Jiebin’s Commentary on the Huangdi neijing” (Synthesis Philosophica, 2014), “The Dangers of ‘Warming and Replenishing’ (wenbu 溫補) during the Ming to Qing Epistemic Transition” (Asian Medicine, 2015), and the chapter “The Đồng Nhân Pagoda and the Publication of Mister Lazy’s Medical Encyclopedia” (Sourcebook of Buddhism and Medicine, Columbia University Press, 2017).

At present, Leslie mainly focuses his research on the history of medicine in premodern Vietnam. He has become one of the only experts in this field. Leslie also prepares a monograph on the Chinese Ming dynasty doctor Zhao Xianke, based on his PhD disseration and his further postdoctoral research in the Beyond Tradition project.

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