Dr Kiebok Yi

Yi Kiebok received his doctor of philosophy in science and technology studies from Seoul National University and was a postdoctoral researcher at EASTmedicine Research Group at the University of Westminster. His research interests focus on the history of Korean medicine and science in premodern periods (primarily, seventeenth to early twentieth century). He is a coauthor of the 2015 book Yeoksimanpil: Joseon Eoui Yisugiui Donguibogam Siljeonki (Rambling Essays on Attested Experiences: Applications of “Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine” by King Physician Yi Sugi of Chosŏn Dynasty) and a number of articles on the body, medical case histories, and the Sasang medicine.

Research Topics related to the "Beyond Tradition" project (to be published in the near future or in progress) includes:

  • Yi Chema and the Psychosocial Body in Late Nineteenth Century Korea
  • Styles of Knowing and Practice in Cold Damage: Disease, Body, Text and Agent in Korean Medicine
  • A Style of Medical Governance in Thirteenth to Sixteenth Century Korea: A Case Study of Emergency Therapies through Local Medicinals

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