Dr. B. Basia Kielczynska


Tri-State College of Acupuncture
80 Eighth Ave, 4Fl
New York, NY 10011

E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]
W: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/B_Basia_Kielczynska2

Affiliated Researcher

I am a clinician, teacher, and researcher interested in how the modern acupuncture practice is integrated with a biomedical model of care and what makes it an innovative practice in the West. I am currently engaged in two research projects: interprofessional education and collaboration among acupuncturists and medical staff at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in New York City; and a PCORI-funded study on the effectiveness of acupuncture care in low-cost community clinics in the Bronx, New York.

I hold a doctorate in medical humanities from Drew University (USA), a master’s degree in acupuncture from Tri-State College of Acupuncture (USA), a master’s degree in physical sciences from the University of Gdansk (Poland) and a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Gdansk University of Technology (Poland). I’m interested in how physical sciences, visual arts, humanities, health, and healing, intersect to create new perspectives in healthcare practices. I like bringing these ideas to the educational and healthcare settings, where I serve as a consultant to hospitals within the New York University and John Hopkins systems, and as a didactic and clinical faculty in acupuncture and integrative health education

Academic and Faculty appointments

Recent Publications

Kielczynska, B. Basia. “Acupuncture Integration Into a Hospital Setting: A Phenomenological Study.” SAGE Research Methods Cases, (January 29, 2017). http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781526405333.

Kielczynska, B. Basia, Benjamin Kligler, and Eileen Specchio. “Practicing Acupuncture in an Inpatient Setting.” Qualitative Health Research 24, no. 9 (2014): 1242-1252. doi:10.1177/1049732314544969

Kielczynska, B. Basia and Benjamin Kligler. “ How Acupuncturists and Physicians View the Presence of In-Patient Acupuncture Care at Beth Israel Medical Center–A Phenomenological Study.” BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 12(Suppl 1):P363, (2012).  doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-S1-P363

Kielczynska, B. Basia. “William Segal. Attending Artist, Attending Physician?” Guest Editorial. Explore 10, no. 2 (March/April 2010): 64-67.

Kielczynska, B. Basia. “Gall-Bladder Like Pain – Three Cases.” Explore 5, no. 2 (March/April 2009): 110-113.

Kielczynska, B. Basia. “Traditional East-Asian Medicine and Acupuncture in the Treatment of Asthma and Allergies in Children.” Explore 1, no. 2 (March 2005): 118-121.

Recent Presentations

“A Melting Pot: Collaboration Between Acupuncturists and Physicians in an In-Patient Setting.” Oral presentation at the 4th Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research, Merida, Mexico, March 18-20, 2015

“Practicing Acupuncture in an In-Patient Setting.” Oral presentation at the 4th Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research, Merida, Mexico, March 18-20, 2015.

“Integrating Acupuncture in an In-Patient Setting – A Phenomenological Study.” Oral presentation at the Society of Acupuncture Research Conference, Arbor, Michigan, April 18-21, 2013.

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