EASTmedicine Research Group

A unique interdisciplinary research group

EASTmedicine (East Asian Sciences and Traditions in Medicine) is a unique interdisciplinary research group that seeks to understand the development and transformation of East Asian medicines from their origins in pre-Han China to the present. To this end, we draw on the medical humanities, the social and life sciences, epidemiology and clinical research, as well as education and clinical practice. We aim to carry out innovative world-class research that breaks new ground in our understanding of East Asian medicines and to facilitate their integration into contemporary health care systems based on evidence-based research and practice in the widest possible sense.

To date, EASTmedicine under the leadership of Prof. Volker Scheid has attracted in excess of £1.7 million in external funding. We have created a vibrant research community engaged in projects that examine aspects of medical practice encompassing the UK, China, Japan, Korea and Tibet. We are known for organising stimulating workshops, conferences and summer schools that enable discussion and learning beyond conventional disciplinary boundaries.

Beyond Tradition

EASTmedicine Director Prof. Volker Scheid was awarded a prestigious Senior Investigator Award in the Medical Humanities to carry out a five year study that seeks to find new ways for exploring East Asian medicine “beyond tradition.”

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Book pages

The Westminster Menopause Study

This DoH-funded study investigates the potential for integrating Chinese medicine treatment strategies for menopausal symptoms into the NHS.

Spines of Chinese language books

Beyond Tradition

A Wellcome Trust funded study that aims to analyse the history of East Asian medicines throughout the last millennium.

Books of traditional Chinese medicine.

Transnational History Project

This Wellcome Trust funded project aims to create a framework for East Asian medicines research since 1500 from a transnational perspective.