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Selected publications

Papers Published in International Journals

R Stoean, M Preuss C Stoean, E El-Darzi and D Dumitrescu (2009) Support Vector Machine Learning with an Evolutionary Engine. Journal of the Operational Research Society.  Vol 60(8),  pp1116-1122. (Special issue on data mining and operational research)

R Abbi, E El-Darzi, C Vasilakis and P Millard (2008) Length of stay based grouping and classification methodology for modelling patient flow. Journal of Operations and Logistics, Vol2, pp1-9.

P Liu, E El-Darzi L Lei, C. Vasilakis, P. Chountas and W. Huang (2008) Applying data mining algorithms to inpatient dataset with missing values. (2008) Journal of Enterprise Information Management. Vol 21(1), pp81-92.

F Gorunescu, M Gorunescu, E El-Darzi and S Gorunescu (2010) A statistical framework for evaluating neural networks to predict recurrent events in breast cancer (2010). To appear.  International Journal of General Systems. Post special issue on Intelligent Systems of the 4th IEEE international conference on Intelligent Systems, September 2008.

Chountas P., “Review of Uncertainty Schools of Thoughts & Data Representation”, Issues in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized nets, 2007, Vol.5, pp.109-123.
Edited Books and Book Chapters

Chountas, P., Petrounias, I., Kacprzyk, J., (Eds.)  “Intelligent Techniques and Tools for Novel System Architectures, Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence , Springer Verlag Vol.109 2008, 520 pages., ISBN: 978-3-540-77621-5

Kolev, B., Chountas, P., Rogova, E.,  Atanassov  K., “Representation of Value Imperfection with the Aid of Background Knowledge: H-IFS Studies in Computational Intelligence , Springer Verlag Vol.109, 2008, pp 473-494.

C Vasilakis, E El-Darzi and P Chountas   (2008) A decision support system for measuring and modelling the multi-phase nature of patient flow in hospitals”, in “Intelligent techniques and tools for novel system architectures”, (P Chountas, I Petrounias and J Kacprzyk Eds),pp201-217, Springer.

E El-Darzi R Abbi, C Vasilakis, F Gorunescu, M Gorunescu and P Millard (2009) Length of stay-based clustering methods for patient-grouping. In Intelligent Patient Management.  S McClean, P Millard E El-Darzi and C Nugent, eds, pp39-56, Springer.

Papers Published in International Conferences

Chountas, P., Rogova E., Atanassov K.,  “Enhancing OLAP Querying with the aid of H-IFS” IFSA/EUSFLAT Conf. 2009,  ISBN 978-989-95079-6-8, pp.1797-1802

Rogova, E., Chountas, P., Atanassov, K., “The Notion of H-IFS in Data Modelling”, IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE 2008), IEEE, pp. 1399-1405.

Chountas, P., Rogova E., Atanassov K., Mohammed S., “The Notion of H-IFS -An Approach for Enhancing Query Capabilities in Oracle10g”, IEEE Intelligent Systems’08, IEEE Computer Society Press pp.13-8 to13-13 . Article was selected from the PC of IEEE-IS’08 for revised-extended post conf. publication in Journal of Intelligent Systems, Wiley InterScience Publishers.

W Huang and E El-Darzi (2009) Using Granular Computing Theories for Service-oriented Systems Analysis and Design”.  Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing ( IEEE GrC 2009), Nan Chang, China,  pp.264-268.

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