Data and Knowledge Management

Data and Knowledge Management is a research group within the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Westminster.

The group aims to foster research in specialised domain data integration and management, agent-based management systems, and methods for intelligent decision systems, in particular for intelligent patient management systems.

The Data and Knowledge Management research field comprises a range of practices used inside an organisation such as an enterprise, or the entire web, to create, represent, share and make available knowledge and data that are relevant for pursuing the organisation's goals. It is an interdisciplinary research field on the border between computer science, businesses, and mathematics.

We contribute to the above research area by developing methodologies and tools to support the elicitation of knowledge and its encoding in computer interpretable formats, formalisms, architectures and tools for knowledge representation, reasoning and discovery. We also focus on intelligent architectures and tools for the integration of data and knowledge sources and the delivery of efficient and scalable services.

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