Are you thinking of becoming a University of Westminster student ambassador?  We asked some of our current ambassadors why they applied for the role and how they’ve found the experience.

Being a student ambassador at the University of Westminster has been a fantastic and valuable experience for me. It has given me the opportunity to help young people and provide them with the information, contacts, skills and confidence they need in order to consider applying to university and work towards creating a brighter and positive future for themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting prospective students and sharing my own experience of life at the University of Westminster with them, and advising them about all the great advantages of studying at a great university in London. 

Sepideh M Hojatoleslami – BSc Psychology

A brilliant way to kick-start my first year at Westminster was to put myself forward as a student ambassador. It's a fun and enjoyable way of meeting students from across the University and getting involved in advising prospective students and their parents on what courses, societies and sports are available to them. My own experience of moving into university and how I chose my degree became valuable to prospective students.

I'm very proud to be a student ambassador at the University of Westminster and I believe it is a very rewarding opportunity for any student to have. 

Nasima Begum – BA Criminal Justice

Being a student ambassador has been an immensely rewarding experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. 

Kevin Clarke – BA Photographic Art

I have to say that being a student ambassador was certainly very exciting and rewarding for me. I strongly believe that it not only helped me develop my communication skills but also gave me a great chance to strengthen my leadership qualities.

Having worked as a student ambassador for several years at the University of Westminster, I was able to contribute to the learning level of young individuals and so give them a helping hand in getting to know the variety of amazing opportunities available for their future.

Fatemeh Faraji – MSc Mobile, Personal and Satellite Communications

Becoming one of the ambassadors for the University of Westminster was a great opportunity and a good achievement. It has enabled me to promote the University as well as gaining self-confidence. It truly is an opportunity that should be taken advantage of, as it has made my university life a much more enjoyable time.

Masuma Begum – BA English Literature

Deciding to be a student ambassador has definitely turned out to be one of the best choices I have made in my time so far at the University of Westminster. Besides the obvious financial perk at the end of the month, since being a student ambassador I have seen myself evolve from being a shy and introverted individual into a more confident and responsible person.

Being a student ambassador offers you hands-on experience in dealing with students and parents from all walks of life needing assistance with university choices which, for me, is a massive role to play. In the two years that I have been a student ambassador, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and the opportunities that I have been offered. Besides, what better way to prepare yourself for the working world while fitting the schedule around your studies?

Rujeko Mada – BSc Psychology

I became an ambassador in order to become more involved in the life of my university, to help future students to make informed decisions about their university options, and to develop my own leadership and communication skills further.

I very much enjoy meeting such a wide variety of people from all walks of life and the chance to build relationships with fellow ambassadors. It adds an extra, enjoyable dimension to my university life.

Shelby Ryan – BA Television Production

Being a student ambassador at the University of Westminster has been a great opportunity to meet new people and represent my university. As I started to work as an ambassador in my first year at university, it helped me a lot to settle down into university life. It is a very flexible job which was very useful to my study.

Yesir Ali – BSc Architectural Technology