volunteering fair

Why attend this fair?

Studying at university can be about much more than simply getting a good degree. Volunteering can be a great way for you to access opportunities that otherwise might not be accessible. By taking part in volunteering and engaging in tasks that are familiar and those that are not, the potential is there for you to discover and learn a great deal more about yourself, the people around you and the world at large.

Before the event

Download the floorplan for the event (PDF)

Consider your areas of interest as well as the type of volunteering which you might be interested in. 

  • View the list of charities and choose a few that you would like to approach at the fair. 
  • Calculate how much time you have to spare in a week. Some charities ask for a minimum level of commitment a week and some will also expect you to commit to a longer time period, perhaps three or even 18 months. Check how much time you will be expected to commit before you consider volunteering/working for an organisation. 
  • Research your chosen charities’ websites to find out more about what they do, what their aims and objectives are and prepare some questions for the representatives on the day.
  • Prepare a short introduction about yourself and why you are interested in working for the charity. 
  • Bring along a notebook and a pen. 
  • Make a note of the name of the people you speak to or take their business cards, if available. 

If you demonstrate that you have done some research and you are passionate about the organisation, your enthusiasm will help you secure a volunteering position.

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After the event

Don’t forget to follow-up by contacting the representatives you spoke to on the day. Be proactive!

If you have any questions about the fair or would like to know more about volunteering, email [email protected].

To find out more about volunteering opportunities and the great benefits of becoming a volunteer check out the Student Volunteering Service webpages