Module code: 5ANIM 006W
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Available to: All students, however some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills. Students on these courses are unable to choose Westminster Plus Electives.

This module allows you to select an animation project to explore in depth – normally the production of a major piece of practical or theoretical work – with choices reflecting your own interests and skills set. The module is designed to follow on from the project development stage of an animation core production module, and will enable you to engage in the production processes needed to complete the project to exhibition standards. It offers three main routes. You can choose to put your own project proposal into production, leading a team or working solo, which is known as a ‘director’s major’. Or you can collaborate on internal or external project productions – with other courses, external clients, competitions, or for other institutions – and contribute your particular skills as appropriate: this is the "collaboration major". The third option is the "theory major", which enables you to investigate an aspect of your work in a wider theoretical context, to produce a formal analytical paper.

Teaching and learning includes a combination of lectures, seminars and fieldwork, with tutorials and workshops providing the basis for project production. Assessment will be based around a progress review and the final presentation of your major project.

The module leader will oversee all projects in the role of “executive producer”. This means that they will decide upon which projects go into production, and will approve the membership of each production team. The module leader may need to assign roles to students where it has not been possible or considered (by the module leader) to be academically viable for them to have their “first choice” of role. 

Students who are not enrolled on the Animation Degree Programme may take this module as an elective, but their choice is limited to contributing to one of the “in-house” animation projects which will be directed by an animation student.