Module code: 5WSEL010W
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Semester: 2
Day and time: 9.30am–1.30pm

Available to: Students in all colleges, however some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills. Students on these courses are unable to choose Westminster Plus Electives. 

Please note: elective modules are subject to availability.

Module Leader: Emma Dodson
Email: [email protected]

Narratives are critical for understanding the world in which we live. This module focuses on how we can use narrative to make a difference in a range of professional and organisational settings. The module encourages students to develop an interdisciplinary project which showcases how narrative, and the careful construction of stories, helps to convey meaning around a given topic. 

Collaborating with your fellow students you will research, explore and experiment with possibilities for developing narratives that communicate the strategic objectives of a topic. You will develop your narrative through a range of perspectives including, visual, textual or spoken presentations. This Westminster Plus Elective allows you to apply narrative and storytelling to a range of different contexts.

What’s the advantage?

This module is great if you are interested in:

  • Gaining experience of working with people who are interested in using storytelling and narrative as a way of achieving impact
  • Showcasing to future employers that success requires people willing to contextualise strategies
  • Demonstrating how you can innovate and think ‘outside of the box’ when thinking about communicating ideas, feelings and core objectives