PhD Research Topics

Marco Bohr

Transformation of a Photographic Discourse in Post-Bubble Era Japan.

Adina Bradeanu

Between the 'Party flick' and the 'film-of-the-soul' : Documentary film practices in socialist and post-socialist Romania.

Matthew Brown

Copyright, Intermediating Technologies and the Future of the Music Industry

Perla Carillo

Cinematic Voyages: Critical Strategies for the Representation of Travel in Filmmaking Practice. Film practice based research

Paulo Catrica

Higher Expectations - The New Towns Programme: Photography And The Critical Debate On The Urban Landscape And Town Planning Of Post-War In The UK. Photography practice based research

Ranita Chatterjee

Journeys in and Beyond the City: Cinema in Calcutta, 1897-1939

Claudia Clare

Shattered: Contemporary Womens Stories Of Surviving Sexual Violence, Mediated Through Ceramic Material Metaphor. Ceramics practice based research. Completed 2007

Paul Coleman

The Cultural Impact of Music Reality Television

Cinzia Cremona

Complicity in Mediated Presence Video camera and screen as interface in video performance.

Aurogeeta Das

An Exploration Of The Ephemeral Aspect Of Kolam Drawings In South India

Yael Friedman

Identity Formation, Alternative Visions and Conflicting Discourses: Documentary production and the Palestinian community in Israel

Layal Ftouni

Representing Women From The Middle East: From Orientalist Imagery To Contemporary Visual Arts

Christos Giovanopoulos

Modernising the Nation: Heading Westwards on Film Reels - Youth Subcultures and Identity Conflicts in Greek Popular Cinema (1955-1974)

Simon Hipkins

Documenting and Dramatising the Subject in Hyper-reality: How ethnographic film and the fictive can interact to create new narratives

Teemu Hupli

Reconsidering Aesthetics: Concepts and the Aesthetic in Kosuth, Greenberg and Kant. Completed 2006

Stefanie Kappel

Gender, Subjectivity and Feminist Art: The Work of Tracey Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood and Gillian Wearing. Completed 2007

Sylvie Magerstdt

Illusions for Life - On the importance of illusions for our life and the role of cinema in providing these illusions

Anastasia Markidou

Metamorphosis Of The Object Through The Photographic Still Life. Completed 2007

Zemirah Moffat

Queer Giving: An audio-visually guided shared ethnography of the Wotever Vision (2003-). Completed 2009

Ben Nagari

Music As An Image - An Analytical Psychology Approach To Music In General And Film-Music In Particular. Supported by music practice work in film music composition

Andy Rees

Re-presenting Nature: An exploration into the representation of Nature in Contemporary Digital Art. Photography practice based research

Mykaell Riley

British Black Musician in the Midlands Between 1975 And 1985.

Rebecca Savage

Creating Imagined Worlds - Illusion and Reality in Trans-national Video

Emma Shaw

Re-locating Ceramics Art, Craft, Design? Practice-based, critical exploration of ceramics, which re-locates the discipline in the context of consumption, the home and the everyday. Completed 2007

Anders Sjlin

Experience Of Abstract And Concrete Sounds In the Gallery environment. Practice based music and gallery project. Completed 2009

Max Schleser

The Mobile-Mentary - Digital Documentaries And The New Visual Language. Film practice based research into the use of mobile phones to create a new documentary film form.

Robert Sternberg

Representing Science: Towards An Alternative Science Documentary Film practice based research

Alexa Wright

Out of Order: An Exploration of the Nature and Significance of the Monstrous. Photography practice based research.

Chu Yin-Hua

Staging Memories: Mise en Scne Imagined Cities in Photographic Practices.

Tianqi Yu

Representing Modern China - A study on different forms of documentary film making in representing Modern China and Deng Xiaoping.

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