Current PhD Researchers

Elizabeth Allen: Methods and Metrics: Evaluation of Image Quality in Still Image Compression

Andreia Alves de Oliveira: The Politics of the Office: Power, Space and Photography

Sylvia Angeli: Catholicism in Post 1960s Italian Cinema

Janaina Bazevani: Sensory Experience and the Design Process: How to Bring the Senses of Smell and Taste to Visual Communication Through Graphic Design

Fotios Begklis: Online Interactive Video in Ethnography: Practice-led Visual Ethnographic Research

Estefani Bouza Arnoso

David Bovey: The Artist Biopic: An Historical Analysis of Narrative Cinema, 1936-2010

Adina Bradeanu

Laura Breen: Remodeling Clay: Ceramic Practice and the Museum in Britain (1970-2013)

Anne Marie Carty: Pink Ribbons: Exploring Therapeutic Film Approaches in an Ethnographic Study of the Traumatised Rural Community of Machynlleth in Mid Wales

Federica Chiocchetti

Cinzia Cremona: Intimations: Relationality and Videoperformance

Radha Dayal: Secondary Comic Characters in 1950s Bombay Cinema

Christine Douglass: Patients as Authors

Susan Fahy

Layal Ftouni: Dismantling or Reproducing the Orientalist Canon? Neo-Orientalism in Visual Arts

Sue Goldschmidt: Interactions Between Clay and Text: Aramaic Incantation Bowls And Contemporary Ceramic Practice

Aikaterini Gegisian: Essay Film as a Thinking Modality / Filmic Space as Spatial Imagination

Paula Gortazar: Visions of Transition: Independent Photography in Eastern Europe (1960 - 2010)

Manuela Granziol: The Body in Pieces and the Work of Berlinde de Bruyckere

Karsten Hecker: Research and Implementation of a Suitable Colour Management System for VFX and CGI Productions

Marianne Hougen Moraga: Intimacy - Distance - Closeness

Andrew Ippoliti

Alexandra Jonsson: The Body as Sensor: Toxins | Flesh | Data

Philip Lee: Clay, Body, and Performance

Maria Lusitano Santos: Un(childhood): Performing Childhood Times and Voices in the Video Essay

Wendy McMurdo: Children and Computers: Wendy McMurdo – Collected Works (1995-2012)

Luis Miguel Machado

Nina Mangalanayagam: The Contradictions of Hybridity: Re-reading the Visual Representation of Hybridity in Visual Art

Mirko Nikolic: “Ecological Labour”: Performance of Flat Ontology in Everyday Life

Fathima Nizaruddin: Alternative Documentary Practices in India

Ruth Novaczek: New Vernaculars and Feminine Ecriture: 21st Century Avant-Garde Film

Joe Palmer: Tension Undone: The Problem of Slackening in the Deconstructive Reception of Walter Benjamin

Jae Young Park: Project summary

Miranda Pennell: Film as an Archive for Colonial Photographs: Ways of Activating Colonial Memory

Anna Piva: Figurations of the Invisible: Sounds, Cosmologies and Poetics of Space

Ingrid Pollard: Un-burying the Dead

Sarah Pucill: An Analysis of Films Made Between 2004 and 2010

Bhavna Rajpal

Catarina Rodrigues: Plots of Mark-making and Erasure in Contemporary Art: Withdrawing from Evidences, the Factual and Fixed Meaning

Will Saunders: Assembling Delinquent Musicality

Kerstin Schroedinger: Moving Images as Material Participants in the Construction of Social Realities

Salma Siddique: Partition and the Hindustani Film Industry

Valentina Signorelli: The Presence of Dante’s Commedia in Contemporary Cinema

Peter-Arne Sjogren

Samuel Stevens: Event Fiction, Ideology in the Depiction of Current Realties in Artists’ Film

Jelena Stojkovic: Out of Sight: Surrealism and Photography in 1930s Japan

Zahed Tajeddin: Egyptian Faience: Ancient Making Methods and Consideration of Technical Challenges in Sculptural Practice

Anastasia Tsifouti: Image Usefulness of Compressed Close-circuit Television (CCTV) Imagery

Vita Upeniece: The Functions of Images of Violence: a Critical Analysis of the Photographs of the Violated Body in Late 20th and 21st Century

PhD research topics

PhD Research Topics

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