Fundamental Mathematics and Data Analysis for Science

Module code: 5COSC014W
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Available to: Faculty of Science and Technology students only, however students on some courses are unable to choose Westminster Electives  – see list of exemptions. Please note elective modules are subject to availability.

This module is for students of science who feel they need to cover more mathematics and data analysis, perhaps to fill gaps or reinforce areas that are lacking. The module takes an applied, practical and real-world approach, equipping you with the skills to solve mathematical and statistical problems related to your area of study, and increasing your confidence in dealing with numeracy-related problems on your course.

Subjects covered by the syllabus include numbers and operations with numbers (percentage, ratio, powers, scientific notation, significance and accuracy, and indices); algebra, algebraic functions and plotting; matrices and vectors; dealing with data; introductory calculus; and scientific software and computing. By the end of the module you will be able to handle and manipulate numerical data in a scientific context, apply basic symbolic and algebra manipulation to solve scientific problems, and use the appropriate statistical description of data and its visualisation. You will also understand the application of calculus to the interpretation of scientific problems, and be able to identify and use appropriate scientific software for a given problem domain.

The module will be delivered through a combination of online lectures and activity, and practical, ‘hands-on’ face-to-face tutorials. Assessment will focus on two computer-based coursework assignments tackling real-world problems.