Changes to undergraduate courses script

I am Professor Barbara Allan, Dean of Westminster Business School.

At Westminster we want to help you achieve a high quality degree that puts you in the best possible position when you graduate.

We are making some important changes to our undergaduate courses having asked current students for their views about studying here. We have listened to them and are now making changes to take into account what they told us. One of these is to review all of our undergraduate courses.

Reviewing and changing our courses is a process that takes some time, and we will be ready to introduce our revised courses in autumn 2016.

One of the biggest changes for you is that in your second year studying at Westminster, your courses will be based on a 20-credit module structure. This is a change from our current courses, which are based on a 15- or 30-credit structure. This means you will study six modules per year instead of eight. This will make it possible to study your subjects in more depth, but we will continue to offer a wide range of modules for you to study.

We also have reviewed how we assess your work, to reduce the amount of assessment you will go through, giving you more time to focus on learning about your subject.

We are also introducing an even wider range of opportunities to give you broader experience, knowledge and competencies. This will include professional experiences that will contribute towards your degree, such as internships, summer schools abroad, field trips, and entrepreneurial and voluntary activities. These will all improve your employability when you graduate.

Students have always played an important role in identifying and shaping the best, most rewarding, educational experiences at Westminster. We will encourage you to work in partnership with our staff and there will beĀ  opportunities for you to help shape our approach to learning and teaching. This means that your voice will be heard. It will also give you great practical experiences that will make you more employable in the future.

We are confident these exciting changes to the Westminster student experience will create the best environment for you to maximise your learning potential and build a successful professional career.