What our students say

Kinga Nemeth

Conference and Events Management alumnus Kinga Nemeth

Subject of study: Events and Conference Management MA

What subject did you study at undergraduate level?

Tourism with Business BA Honours

Why did you decide to study a Masters at Westminster?

Westminster has a good reputation within the UK tourism industry. I enjoyed my undergraduate studies at Westminster and knowing expectation levels and staff characteristics was an advantage.

How did you find the transition from studying Tourism at undergraduate level, to studying the Events and Conference Management MA at postgraduate level?

Events are classified as a segment of tourism, therefore it was not a dramatic change. This course rather showed me a different angle, and taught me how to conceptualise events and related services.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

Going to school again: socialising with students and lecturers, intellectual stimuli, a promise for a better career. In addition I loved the new refurbished building; I spent significantly more time on campus compared to previous years.

Describe a typical day on the course

09:30 Coffee downstairs, 09:40 Climbing stairs to the classroom, 10:00-11:15 lecture, 11:15-11:30 lecture, 11:30-13:00 seminar/lecture with group-work, 13:00-14:30 lunch break with classmates, library search or getting books for projects, 14:30-17:15 lecture/seminar. 

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

Research for Mega Events, where we had to compare different outcomes of organising a mega event. I chose different editions of the Olympic Games (Tokyo, Munich, Seoul).

How do you think having a Masters qualification will help you in your career?

The course included employability sessions which prepared us for where and how to look for suitable jobs. It also inspired us to look for current and future trends in events and how to sell the sound knowledge we gained during the course and in our previous career to employers. We had the opportunity to connect with industry employers several times, who provided us with further useful tips regarding interview techniques and HR preferences when choosing candidates. Our course leader's motto is: "You know more than you think" - and she is right.


Jingyi Lu

Conference and Events Management alumnus Jingyi Lu

Subject of study: Conference and Events Management MA

"Westminster is the best place to study events management because thousands of events happen in London every year. The course is good because it covers both business events and also the leisure event sector. Field trips helped us understand what is happening in the real events world. For example we went to Wembley Park to see how they manage to make the area still 'alive' during non-events days.

Our course offered us many contacts in the events industry. I had the chance to work for the London Olympics because of these contacts. We also had so many chances to network with industry people. Those experiences definitely helped me prepare for job hunting. I am now going to work for Queensland Tourism Board as a marketing assistant based in Shanghai."


Laurie Nothstine

Subject of study: Conference and Events Management MA

"When I first decided to study events, London was the first city to come to mind. With the Olympics, as well as numerous other events happening every day, I knew I would gain multiple valuable experiences.

While searching for a course and school, the Events and Conference Management MA program at the University of Westminster really stood out to me. The University website offered all the information that I needed to know as an international student about the course, modules, and requirements. I was in constant contact with the University while making my decision and everyone in admissions, scholarships, and housing was extremely helpful throughout the whole process.

I could not have made a better choice! The lecturers have been superb every step of the way. Due to my experiences at Westminster, I am now preparing to enter a career as an event planner, and will hopefully work with media events."


Sola Williams

Conference and Events Management alumnus Sola williams

Subject of study: Conference and Events Management MA

Current employer: Legal and General Investment Management

"I was a business programme manager at JP Morgan when I decided to quit my job and study for a Masters in Events and Conference Management. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made! The course exceeded my expectations. It covered many aspects of events I had not considered and gave me the opportunity to specialise in the use of experience design to maximise strategy. The course lecturers were very supportive in ensuring I achieved my full potential and I was able to develop both strategically and creatively. Today I am responsible for managing and delivering over a hundred events a year for Legal & General Investment Management."

Sarah Meyer


Conference and Events Management alumnus Sarah Meyer

Subject of study: Conference and Events Management MA

"I have always loved planning events and was excited to find a Masters degree with such a specific focus in event and conference management. I chose to study in the heart of London because it has a unique position as one of the world leaders in events. Being able to get hands on experience from some of the leaders of the UK event industry has been invaluable. The time here has also allowed me to gather an international perspective, as my program has around 20 countries represented - it has been fabulous to learn from each other!"