Kiev, Ukraine, Spring 2015. The war with Russia is five hundred miles to the East, but since the revolution of 2014, every moment of Kristina’s life has been affected by the conflict.

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Grandma’s Big Schlep

Things go awry for Hannah and Rivkah when they discover that their recently deceased grandmother wasn’t as Jewish as she made out to be...

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Mr Duncan

Six-year-old Lester is fascinated by his moody and elderly neighbour, and the mysterious machine that he seems to be building in his garage. As they each try to confront the meaning of life and death, Mr Duncan gradually lets Lester into his world.

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OffsideAfter learning from her father that she will soon lose her place in the local boy’s football team, eleven-year-old Kirsty struggles to come to terms with her evolving identity as a young woman.

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Survive Us

Survive usIn a post-apocalyptic Britain, two lone survivors scour the country for nay signs of humanity. Seventeen-year-old Jenny longs to settle, but Steve is desperate to continue his search for others.

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Bun Oven

Janet is nine months pregnant, and a workaholic recycling industry hotshot. So when she’s fired on the pretext that she’s an alcoholic, is there a more sinister reason? Janet kidnaps her replacement and hits the road to find out.

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Unease descends upon a 1960’s seaside town when Annie’s older sister returns from a two year stay at a psychiatric institution. The quiet and mysterious Margaret is mostly met with apprehension and turns to her younger sister for support, although an unspoken matter seems to impede them from reconnecting. The two sisters try to rebuild their lives, only to find history repeating itself.

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Sex Line

Isolated in a new city, a young woman forms a relationship with a stranger over the phone. But as her conversations come to occupy an important place in her life, jealousy and paranoia take over.

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Splitting Hairs

A twisted femme fatale and her sidekicks try to cure Frank of his fetishistic urges, during a night time train journey in the 1950s.

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Sunday, Before Midnight

Three Siblings re-stage the last few days they spent with their mother in hospital. Whilst trying to unravel their conflicting memories, they begin to question their lasting image of her.

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Butcher and Sons

April is stuffing sausages, Liam is counting dead chickens and Gillian is up to her usual mischief in the caravan. Can Martin break free from his family's ancient traditions?

The Hitch

Kevin and Natalie are the perfect couple, celebrating their commitment to one another, surrounded by friends and family. So what can go wrong?

King for a Day

Will tries to make a home in the woods for himself and his brother Daniel, but do their years apart weigh heavier than their brotherly bond?


Doyle's nocturnal life of routine is exposed to the cold light of day by a series of revelations that force him to confront his responsibilities towards his family.

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47 Orchard Street

New York, 1929. Craving forgiveness from the brother he cannot forgive, Hirsch is haunted by a sense of guilt that extends far beyond the four walls of his tenement apartment.

A Human Vice

The worst cupid in Heaven’s history is given an ultimatum: complete his next match or face damnation. Alan will need all his skill and a lot of coffee to discover the true meaning of love.

The Clown's Son

Thirteen-year-old Jake finds himself caught between the homes of his mother and his professional clown father. He must learn to adapt to two very different lives, but how much juggling can one boy take?

The Dry Fields

When a van crashes into a tree on his land, Howard is drawn into a strange encounter which forces him to rediscover his lost connection with humanity.

Line of Fire

The classrooms are mostly empty and no one is playing in the street. Charlie is alone in this desolate place, with no one for company except the old lady who lives next door.


showcase bedlam

Edmund, an epileptic, trapped in the Bedlam asylum, takes on a vigilante alter-ego, the Bird Man, to avenge and liberate the patients.

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For Elsie

showcase for elsie

Glenn is about to experience the hardest piano lesson of his life: teach a Russian gangster’s daughter Für Elise by the end of the day, or have his hands broken.

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Lands of my Fathers

showcase land of my fathersAn intimate reflection on the Welsh community in London through four unique individuals of the culture.

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The Lovely Monster

showcase the lovely monsterLovely, the monster, appears from under Andrew’s bed after twenty years. Lovely means good in trying to help Andrew, but things end badly when Andrew finally asks Lovely for a little bit of space.

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Red Letter

showcase red letterThe classrooms are mostly empty and no one is playing in the street. Charlie is alone in this desolate place, with no one for company except the old lady who lives next door.

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The Magician's Wife

showcase the magician's wifeStage magician Lawrence, is being haunted by his recently deceased wife, who insists he must give her the burial she deserves, and won’t quite pestering him until he gives in.

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The Miserables

showcase the miserables

Murray Pickleton is struggling to cope with his wife’s terminal illness, so he constructs an unusual way to rediscover the happiness that has sustained them.

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showcase the pigeon


Pigeon follows the story of Ray an isolated forty-something, dissatisfied with life, finds companionship through a night spent with Lydia, a troubled young escort - an encounter that leaves the two with a deeper sense of self-worth.

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The Situation

Stan’s attempts to woo is patrol partner Claire, are stifled when they are called to an emergency hostage situation.

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Streetcar explores the sense of home and identity in the people of New Orleans, who all either ride or work on the city’s most defining image: the St. Charles Streetcar.

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Foxes in the Underground


The producer and director of a small regional news room are forced to go live on the national news with the story of a bank heist irrespective of its authenticity.

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Former Britains Strongest Man Oli Thompson has put down his weights and turned his attention to Mixed Martial Arts, with ambitions of being as successful in the ring as he was at lifting trucks. Will he be able to keep the control that he prided himself on as a strong man as he prepares for his first fight?

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Life Coach

A good-old romantic comedy about a lovable loser who goes to a Life Coach to help him propose to his girlfriend- and learns some unexpected lessons in love along the way.

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John, Jess and Chris find themselves in a twisted love triangle at a wild student party. As John develops photographs the next day he reconstructs lost memories from the night before. Did he go too far to stay close to Jess?

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Tears of the Son

An offbeat coming of age comedy about a boy who believes that the tears of Buck Harris, an obscure 80s action star, can save his friend from terminal cancer.

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Greetings From Paul Thomas!

Paul Thomas - showcase.

Impulsive, ill fated, but always with the best intentions, Paul Thomas is a uniquely haphazard funeral director. A tale of love, loss and good intentions.

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Jeffrey - showcase.

Embittered Maths teacher Jeffrey Gibbons is unlucky in love. Returning to his job after a messy divorce, Jeffrey quickly diverts his attention towards fiery red head Alison, not realising that all he needs may have been there all along.

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Chequered Flags of Our Fathers

Chequered flags of our fathers - showcase.

Four times European drag racing champion, Andy Carter has big hopes and dreams for his four year old son and only child, Albert. A humourous, observational documentary, the film is a 15 minute window into their relationship as Andy prepares Albert for life as a future motor racing mega star.

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Trouble Under My Skin

Trouble - showcase.

William works as a butcher in London. Spending his days surrounded by meat, knives and blood he is not a man to be easily shocked. One day William finds himself confronted with a situation he could never have foreseen, forcing him into an inner struggle that threatens to destroy himself and the people he cares for.

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Oakwood - showcase.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, a young family inadvertently checks into a hotel run by a family of serial killers with an appetite for shoes and babies.

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Pose Down

Mark, an aspiring forty-two year old bodybuilder prepares to enter a national competition. What motivates Mark and other men like him to go to such extreme lengths in pursuit of the perfect body?

Kodak Commercials

30 second commercials for Levi's Jeans, Vigorosol, KFC and Hellmann's Mayonaise.


Shahaada - showcase

Ray and Saleem are best friends, in what seems to be a harmonious multicultural society in East London. But when Saleems sister becomes pregnant with Rays child, racial, religious and political tensions explode.

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Shenzhen: Transformation in Modern China

Shenzhen - showcase

Yu Haibo is as a photo-journalist in China and has documented the social transformation of the city of Shenzhen over the last eighteen years. Yu Haibo is the father of Shenzhens director, Yu Tianqi. This documentary explores both Haibos and Tianqis relationship with the twenty-six year old city and its population of migrants.

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Jump - Showcase

Two worlds collide when Oscar (Mark Wingett - Quadrophenia, The Bill), has a momentary lapse at the wheel of his car. As a result, he is left with the guilt of causing a death, and 18 year old Laurie is left without a mother - but is determined to bring up his young sister on his own.

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Osgood's Circus

Osgood - showcase

England, 1864, Osgoods Circus rolls into a small rural village. Bound to the circus, Mai Li Zhen's only hope of escape lies in a young and inexperienced performer, Nell. But to what lengths must Nell go in order to attain Mai Lis freedom? And where do Mai Lis allegiances truly lie?

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Sheriff of Penitence

Sheriff of penitence - showcase

Desperate to regain his lost stardom, Guy, a former teenage acting sensation, accepts an offer from Bollywood director Nix to start in a western for a Middle Eastern television network.

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Eight Minutes

Colin Newsom is a down and out office worker in a dead end job. But then the sun explodes and Colin, along with the rest of the world, is forced to come to terms with his impending doom and to decide how he will spend his final minutes of existence.

Kodak Commercials

30 second commercials for the Kodak V550 camera and the C.A.L.M. helpline.

Film facilities

We operate from a purpose-built studio facility in Harrow, with two sound stages, a set construction workshop, and post-production facilities that include two dubbing theatres.