Read what our students say about studying at the University of Westminster.

Halima Ali

BA Honours Sociology, graduated in 2016

Halima AliI have no doubts when I say studying at University of Westminster was one of the most pivotal moments of my life; everything from studying Sociology and learning new ways of understanding society, to exploring central London was a magical experience for me. Even now I find myself thinking sociologically and applying the knowledge to everyday life effortlessly, and this really gives me great satisfaction as a Sociology graduate. I believe Sociology at Westminster has opened my eyes and taught me the skills necessary to critically analyse, interpret and understand subject matter, be it political or social – or even the casual wander inside Selfridges.

The opportunities at Westminster were endless: I was Student Representative and even had a paid job as a Student Caller for a month. I appreciated the range of modules available and the ability to choose my areas of interest such as gender equality and feminism, race and ethnicity, globalisation and the media and more. I found the choices gave me a sense of ownership of my degree and I loved how the lecturers all had great expertise in the whole range of modules, not just in the module they taught. This was a great benefit as the different modules overlapped and connected, making various concepts and theories come together like new pieces to a puzzle throughout the three years.

The highlight of my time at Westminster was the day I graduated with a First Class Honours, and for that I will forever be indebted to my lecturers because without their amazing teaching, continuous motivation and belief in me I could not have achieved it. What’s more, now as an Alumni my lecturers continue to ease my worries and motivate me through emails, they are never too far to help and for that safety net I am so grateful, so thank you.

The University of Westminster will forever be an invaluable memory that I will always treasure.

Jordan Graham

BA Honours Sociology, graduated in 2014

Jordan GrahamStudying Sociology at the University of Westminster is the best choice I could have made. I wanted to study in central London, so Westminster was the perfect location for the next three years of my life.

My degree was the most interesting part of my three years in London. There was a selection of modules, so I never felt stuck and never had to do something I didn’t enjoy. I have a strong interest in race, and the degree had a number of modules on this subject. These modules taught the primary ideas of race and how they are still prevalent in society to this day. It exposed me to a lot of exciting and unusual concepts, which really questioned the current world we are in. These questions and ideas lead to my dissertation analysing ideas of race and multiculturalism, which was the most challenging but most worthwhile part of my degree.

I must give some credit to the lecturers, who were always supporting me and my work. They will always make time if you reach out to them. I’ve left the University of Westminster with my degree, a bunch of ideas that I want to explore and my studies have made me look at everything through a sociological glass (like how men take up so much space in public areas).

Virginia San Pedro

BA Honours Sociology (part time), graduated in 2014

Virginia San PedroI am very pleased that I chose to study at University of Westminster. I really enjoyed my learning experience as a part-time student. The variety of modules on offer enabled me to choose modules which were interesting as well as having flexible time schedules.

I was inspired from the beginning until the last year of my course. The modules are up-to-date with current events making immediate the practical application of what was taught. I had experienced and highly academic lecturers who were very supportive and encouraged me during my studies, I always looked forward to the next lectures.

In particular, I enjoyed being in a multicultural learning environment, especially when it comes to seminars. For example, with modules in relation to gender, race and equality, it was very interesting to hear the thoughts and lived experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.

Last but not the least, I suppose that the University of Westminster’s location, reputation and historical importance back its merits to be one of the best universities to study sociology.

Rachel Eisner

BA Honours Sociology (study abroad), graduated in 2014

Rachel EisnerThis past semester I took a semester off from my own University - UC Berkeley - in order to study abroad at the University of Westminster. After completing two modules in Sociology at the University of Westminster I will return to the United States to finish my final year as a Sociology Honors student.

My time at Westminster was a truly wonderful experience that not only challenged but inspired me, both academically and personally. My professors in the sociology department exposed me to many new and exciting concepts and innovative ways of examining old ones. I was surrounded by students who enriched my own academic experience by putting forth ideas that often challenged my own.

What was truly wonderful and unique about Westminster was the accessibility of both of my professors. Being halfway around the world can be a daunting experience but I truly felt connected with Westminster. I met and talked with my professors many times outside of class and they both gave me ample support, inspiration, and direction in my studies. One of my courses even helped me create the foundation for what will now be my Senior Honors Thesis when I return to Berkeley. The University of Westminster was an invaluable part of my time abroad in London.

Ashley Rafael

BA Honours Sociology, graduated in 2013

Ashley RafaelWestminster provided a strong platform for me to further enhance my personal, educational and professional development; the tutors were very helpful and their specialist expertise has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively pursue my chosen career. The course prepared me for the workplace and I have developed a wide variety of transferable skills that I now use in my everyday life. I would strongly recommend studying here; the central London location and culturally diverse student demographic made studying here very unique, overall it was a rewarding experience and has given me the confidence to pursue an MA.