What our students say

Read what our students say about studying at the University of Westminster.

Katalin Sardi

TESOL MA, 2011-12

Katalin Sardi - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusAfter completing the CELTA course in 2007, I taught for a few months in London on a voluntary basis in order to gain experience. I was then offered a part-time position to teach both ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in a small language school in London, where I have been ever since.

Even though I had gained practical experience over the years, I felt the need to develop a sound theoretical background to support me in my role as a teacher. One of my reasons for choosing the University of Westminster was that it was one of the few universities to offer a TESOL MA programme with Intercultural Communication as an option module.

During my studies for my BA degree at Westminster, I also had the opportunity to get to know some of the lecturers on the course and I became aware of their academic excellence and their research specialisms, which was another motivating factor in making my choice.

The course has been really great so far. It has given me the opportunity to gain new knowledge about theories in language learning and teaching, explore new ideas in teaching that I had no prior knowledge of, and encouraged me to apply these in practice. All of my modules have been challenging, but rewarding at the same time. As a result I feel that the course has not only helped me to think critically, but also changed my perception of teaching and learning by teaching me new skills, giving me confidence and allowing me to broaden my perspective of TESOL.

I have really enjoyed meeting like-minded people on the course and found the tutors to be very helpful, supportive and approachable. The course has been thoroughly enjoyable and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

I believe the course will provide an excellent advantage in my career prospects abroad. Since my first degree was Spanish, it would be an obvious choice to try and obtain a teaching position in Spain after graduation. It would be a great opportunity for me to further improve my Spanish and have firsthand experience of the culture while implementing my practical and theoretical knowledge as an English language teacher.

Richard Esdaile

MA TESOL and Creative Writing 2011-12

Richard Esdaile - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusBefore I came to study at Westminster I worked as an English language teacher. I had previously worked in Portugal and in Saudi Arabia.

I decided to study for a Masters as I felt it was the best way to progress as a teacher and I could see it would open up opportunities for me abroad. I chose Westminster as the department had a good reputation, and being in central London it was an ideal location. They also offered the MA in TESOL with Creative Writing, another area I am very interested in developing.

I am over halfway through the course and am extremely happy with it. The course is well staged so as to build your confidence in academic writing and research, while the teachers are stimulating.

I've found the classes and material so interesting that I am now thinking about aiming to complete a PhD in the future. I will have to work before I can afford to study but I believe this course will equip me with the extra qualification that will allow me to secure a well paid job abroad.

Jo Hepplewhite

TESOL and Creative Writing MA, 2010–2012

Jo Hepplewhite - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusI gained my CELTA qualification in 2005 and since then have worked in community FE colleges and currently at the University for the Creative Arts, teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) to groups of multi-national students. I also have a lifelong interest in literature and creative writing and so when I wanted to return to study on a part time basis, the TESOL and Creative Writing course offered the perfect combination for me.

The course has given me the opportunity to develop my understanding of the theories underpinning my teaching practice, to extend my creative writing skills and look at ways of incorporating creative writing into my practice. It was great to meet other people who share my interests, passions and specialisms. After the course, I will be using my enhanced skills and knowledge in my TESOL practice, but I will also be developing a personal creative writing teaching project. The course has given me the confidence to merge my creative talents and my teaching abilities.

Jose Adriani Buselli

TESOL MA, 2010-12

After finishing my BA degree in Portuguese, English and Literature in Brazil, I moved to England with the intention of taking my English teaching skills to the next level. I researched what courses were available and was really keen to join the University of Westminster and undertake the TESOL MA.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and met some fantastic people from a variety of countries around the world. The lecturers have also provided great support and really helped me to improve my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the process of teaching and learning English. I am now planning to teach English at universities in Brazil. I would highly recommend this course as a great investment for your future.

Ozlem Birgul Yuges

TESOL MA, 2010-12

Ozlem Yuges - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusBefore this course, I was working in a Secondary school in Holloway in London as a Bilingual Achievement Worker - helping learners in class, personalising their learning, working with each learner individually to improve their English language in order to prepare them for their forthcoming GCSE exams. In addition, in the same school, I was teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to small groups of new arrivals from other countries who have very little or no English.

I hold a BA Honours degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I decided to find a place to complete my TESOL MA. When I was searching for a University, I found that the University of Westminster ran various modules which suited my requirements to work in the management of TESOL programmes. I was particularly impressed by the emphasis placed on the professional development of its students with its advanced training in both theoretical and practical skills which can be applied to various teaching and management fields.

The course has been significant in my personal and professional development, not only in terms of preparing me for senior level teaching and management roles internationally, but also in increasing my confidence in my personal and professional skills and abilities.

On completion of this course, I plan to continue working as a professional English language teacher at my current secondary school as I enjoy helping young learners and their parents to break their language barriers and to look to the future with confidence. In the future, I may decide to work in curriculum development and management of language programmes in higher education.

I would like to express my appreciation for the ongoing support and mentoring offered by my tutors as they have helped me to grow as a person and as a professional teacher.

Tuan Em Nguyen

TESOL MA, 2010-11

Tuan Em Nguyen - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusI had a really wonderful time whilst taking my TESOL MA at the University of Westminster. Before starting the course, I was an English teacher at a secondary school in a small town in South West Vietnam and was always longing to do something to improve my own professional life and the quality of language teaching and learning here in my hometown.

I decided to take the TESOL MA course at Westminster as I knew that the University is one of the leaders in this field in the UK. The course is also practical and has very dedicated teaching staff.

My studies have helped improve my academic understanding of current developments in language teaching methodology and provided me with precious hands-on teaching experience through the module called ‘English Language Teaching: Theory and Practice’. And now, I am so happy and proud because what I have learnt from the course is working very well here in my language classrooms at a local teacher training college which I was appointed to after I returned home.

Grzegorz Rogala

TESOL MA, 2009-11

Grzegorz Rogala - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusBefore joining the University of Westminster, I was a CELTA qualified English language teacher working in Poland. Once I moved to London, I decided to develop my teaching career by enrolling on the TESOL MA.

I was particularly attracted to Westminster due to the University's vibrant and multicultural student community as well as its excellent location in the heart of London. I really enjoyed the course, especially the many interesting option modules to choose from. The course was well organised and I received plenty of guidance and support from my tutors.

Currently, I'm teaching General and Business English in Poland and I'm planning to move to Asia in the future.

Isabel Durán

TESOL MA, 2008-9

Isabel Duran - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusBefore enrolling on the course I had been teaching English in Spain for some time. However, I felt that I needed to refresh my teaching skills after a number of years working at a state secondary school. I found Westminster's TESOL MA and considered it could be what I needed to improve my teaching and, at the same time, provide me with the experience of living in London.

Fortunately, I was able to take the course with support from the authorities in Spain. As I could chose the modules I was really interested in - covering very different aspects of teaching - I found the course of great help. I know my teaching has improved a lot after taking the course.

I still teach at a secondary state school but I am much happier with my classes and plan to start working in the bilingual programme which is currently being implemented here.

Iqbal Sheikh

TESOL MA, 2007-9

Iqbal Sheikh - A University of Westminster TESOL alumnusBefore joining the TESOL MA course I was working at a college as an IT and English Language Trainer. I had previously completed the CELTA and was looking to deepen my understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of language teaching.

Westminster's TESOL MA seemed the most natural next step for me in terms of exploring and broadening my insight of language teaching. The course units covered relevant subjects and trends from the language teaching field.

The course content was delivered by staff who were experts in their respective fields and highly supportive throughout the academic year. Overall it was a great academic experience that has provided me with knowledge, experience and insight that has improved me professionally and opened my doors.

After completing the TESOL MA I worked abroad as a language teacher. After returning to the UK I wanted to research areas related to language teaching and was given support by my previous dissertation supervisor. Currently I am about to start another teaching contract abroad and start a research degree.

I would recommend the TESOL MA at Westminster to anyone who wants to progress professionally and is looking for friendly and supportive staff who are able to advance the academic and professional horizons of their students.

Peter Revfalvi

TESOL MA, 2007-9

Peter RevfalviPrior to moving to London, I took an undergraduate TEFL course at the University of Pannon in Hungary.

I decided to enrol on a TESOL MA in order to develop my skills in the field of teaching English. I did a thorough search to find out which university would be the best to improve my skills and chose the University of Westminster.

Prior to the start of the TESOL MA I had to prove my language competency, so I applied for an IELTS test, which I passed successfully. During the administrative process I found very friendly people who helped me a lot at the office. During my studies I had all the support that I had expected to be given before I started. In the end my course leader said: ‘Congratulations, Peter’ and I also expressed my gratitude.

I have now returned to Hungary and have been running language courses for adults with high pass rates in Budapest. I am still proud to be a graduate of the University of Westminster where I learnt so much from its teachers.