Read what our students say about studying at the University of Westminster.

Dolly Wright

BA History with French

I applied to study History with French at the University of Westminster after deciding to begin studying again in my thirties and it was a great choice.


Having visited friends at university years ago and coming back as a mature student living at home, I was a bit worried that I might feel like an outsider and that everything would be ‘campus-y” with students forming cliques in the halls of residence, but that just didn’t happen at Westminster due to its central location – especially at my campus on Regent Street.

The first few weeks were a little odd, because it felt that there were a lot of differences between someone of my age group and the average student – just on little things like cultural references, talking about TV, music and so on. But throughout the course everyone changed, developed and found common ground as all students, whatever their age, were making a transition of some sort: no longer dealing with the rigidity of school or living at home, learning to self-police coursework, juggle paid work with study etc...I was also making huge adjustments from working full time to studying...so really everybody was in the same boat and experiencing each new situation together.

I chose Westminster due to its good rating for History and the tutors on the course were really fantastic and highly knowledgeable in their field. On the History side there was a lot of socialising between students and staff as well as interaction through the History Society, which I founded and chaired.

Since leaving Westminster I have been working full-time for an oil and gas exploration company in the City, where I use my French. I’m keen to continue my history studies, I have been accepted onto a part-time Masters course in Medieval History at Kings.

Personally I think the combination degree is the way to go, particularly if you can add a language. Any course will make you realise how much time you spend on autopilot in your normal, nine-to-five job as for the first few weeks at Westminster my brain was bursting with all the new information and processes!

Stick with it, don’t give up, get involved and enjoy yourself, it’s really so incredibly worthwhile.