Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Start: 14 September 2017
Duration: 2 years
Location: Central London
Campus: Marylebone

The 2017/18 Tuition Fees for this course have not yet been set and will be available in early 2017. As an indication of Tuition Fees please refer to the 2016/17 course page.

Please note that this course is subject to validation. 

You understand that the world is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

You have at least three years of professional or managerial experience where you have held a position of responsibility and can share your experience with others.

You are aiming high and are prepared for a challenge – that’s why you’re reading this.

The Director’s MBA – work with, for, and on boards

Born of Westminster Business School’s 30 years’ experience of delivering MBA programmes, the new Westminster MBA is designed to support your aspirations.

It prepares you to work with, for and on boards, as a professional and versatile director.

It prepares you to lead, to innovate, and collaborate.

You will experience  

  • being a strategist, steward and a change agent
  • advocating for people, ideas and technologies
  • being an entrepreneur and a mentor.

By the time you graduate, you will understand your board-level strengths and know how and where you wish to apply them.

Course content

The Westminster MBA builds on your existing professional experience, skills and capabilities using self-directed and experiential learning. The programme incorporates action learning, and runs within our Directors’ Community: a physical board room and a virtual space where you interact with faculty, peers, real organisations and MBA alumni.

You will design your own learning journey using the learning and teaching formats offered by the MBA team in a way that best suits your learning style, your strengths, and your career needs.

You will experience four different roles on four shadow boards, working with different kinds of host organisation.

When you graduate you will be able to provide tangible evidence of your ability to perform as a professional board member.


The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course. For more details on course structure and modules, and how you will be taught and assessed, see the full course document.

The Westminster MBA process

Graphic illustrating the 3 segments of the Westminster MBA

The programme is divided into three components

  • Preparing for the Board: starter knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Route to the Board: a transformational pillar of support throughout the MBA which includes comprehensive action learning and reflexive research 
  • Experiencing the Board: work with four different host organisations – international, corporate, entrepreneurial and not-for-profit – in four different roles.

The three elements of the Westminster MBA are designed to help you gain the skills, knowledge and competencies to

  • understand the scope of business and organisational problems
  • reflect on and develop your own journey as leader and potential board member
  • experience real organisational contexts and demonstrate you have what it takes to perform well.

Learning methods will include

  • seminars, practical sessions/workshops, masterclasses and lectures
  • online resource-based learning journeys
  • working with academic subject expert tutors and your supervisor
  • regular contact with your university-based tutors/supervisor
  • action learning sets and client meetings
  • use of diagnostic tools
  • short courses, conferences, other training and learning events relevant to your needs and negotiated as part of our programme
  • self-managed inquiry research and journaling.

These methods and processes will be introduced and explained during Preparing for the Board.

Preparing for the Board

This element comprises two modules:

  • Board Roles and Decision-Making (20 credits)
  • Board Level Research and Consultancy (20 credits)

Designed to ensure participants gain an overall appreciation of the holistic nature of organisations, Preparing for the Board provides the core skills and foundation-level knowledge that enable you to handle every business challenge you face. Two modules make up this space, Board Roles and Decision Making and Board Level Research and Consultancy.

This element of the Westminster MBA will require you to identify and apply key areas of relevant theory as these emerge in response to the demands of the contexts, challenges and people you encounter throughout your MBA journey.

You will build on this foundation, developing a comprehensive and detailed knowledge base as you experience working as a member of a Shadow Advisory Board in each new board context. The Preparing for the Board modules provide the intial theories and concepts to get you started on your journey.

These modules are designed to ensure you understand, and can contribute to the bigger organisational picture. You will also become competent in using project management tools, research and analytical techniques, so you can apply valuable consultancy skills.

Route to the Board

This element comprises three modules:

  • Board Mindset (30 credits)
  • Space for Risk (0 credits)
  • Action Learning for Professional Life (30 credits)

With on-going support from a mentor, these three strands of the Westminster MBA give you the space and time to evolve an action learning plan that helps you develop as a leader throughout the MBA and beyond.

Board Mindset

During this module you will plan for your personal action research, exploring how you can develop as a professional board member and grow your leadership capabilities.

Space for Risk

This module encourages you to extend your boundaries by taking on, for example

  • a specialist learning experience
  • study with an international partner, or
  • work with a professional body

It is designed to free you up to leave your comfort zone, try something different, and risk failure. That’s why it carries no credits.

Action Learning for Professional Life

During this module you will learn and apply the theories, tools and techniques of action learning. At its conclusion, you will deliver a reflective piece that traces your action learning journey throughout the programme and includes analysis of your performance during the four Board Experiences.

Experiencing the Board

This element comprises four modules:

  • Corporate Board Experience (20 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Board Experience (20 credits)
  • International Board Experience (20 credits)
  • Not for Profit Board Experience (20 credits)

Experiencing the Board is the heart of the Westminster MBA. It ensures that when you graduate you can demonstrate your board-level capabilities to employers, clients and/or potential investors.

During your MBA you will work on four complex strategic issues and shadow advisory boards in four different

  • host organisations
  • contexts – international, corporate, entrepreneurial and not-for-profit
  • director-level roles – CEO/Managing Director, Human Resources / Organisational Development Director, Finance and Resources Director, Marketing and Operations Director.

You will take on a different role with each shadow advisory board.

Experiencing the Board is designed so you occupy a variety of perspectives, enabling you to gain insight into the contexts and roles you prefer, and the circumstances in which you perform at your best.  

Course team 

How to apply

Submitting an application for an MBA may seem daunting at first, but help is at hand to guide you through the application process. Visit our how to apply page for an overview of what is involved in the application process and how you can prepare. 

Additional costs information

To check what your tuition fees cover and what you may need to pay for separately, see our What tuition fees cover page.

The Professional Development theme throughout the programme focuses on enabling you to achieve a high-level management position.


At Westminster Business School, full-time postgraduate students have the opportunity to undertake a 2 month part-time unpaid internship in local organisations, so as to further enhance their academic experience. Our internships take place during the Summer and are in various fields including Marketing, Project Management, Retail, Marketing Communications, Finance, HR and the charity sector.

In order to apply, participants must complete an application form (along with a copy of their updated CV) and submit this to the Business Experience Team (BET). Subsequently we then shortlist from the applications received and conduct group meetings with the participants, which provides them with an opportunity to understand more about the internship programme and for the BET to better understand their internship aspirations. Ultimately it is up to our internship employers to decide whether they would like to interview the candidate(s) and offer him/her an internship.

We have received very positive feedback from both our postgraduate participants and employers and expect that the Internship Programme will continue to remain popular amongst our students.

Mentoring Programme

The Business Experience Team also offers full-time overseas MBA participants the opportunity to take part in our WBS Mentoring Programme. We will match participants with a senior professional (mentor) from their field of expertise to give them an exact insight into British working practices and policies. Experienced professionals in any business field share their career experiences and knowledge with participants who may wish to venture down a similar path in the near future. Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship. In addition, our mentors typically offer 3 hours of their time over a 3 month period to the mentee. In addition, to one-to-one meetings, students are encouraged to keep in touch with their mentor over email and telephone.

Consultancy Programme

The MBA Consulting Project is set out to be an educational collaboration between a host organisation and Westminster Business School, thereby providing participants with an important opportunity to incorporate new ideas they have encountered in class. An MBA Consultancy Project can be the foundation to your final dissertation.

As part of the programme participants go into a company to act as a Management Consultant to solve a management issue(s). Participants may wish to use this opportunity as your first experience in a career change, a taste of the career/sector area you are planning to move into, or as a complete wildcard and something you may not get the opportunity to do again.

MBA careers support

For up to three years after graduation, you will have access to a full range of MBA careers support services, including mock interviews, aptitude testing and discussions with the career advisors. Networking opportunities are provided via presentations by employers, professional bodies and the University’s alumni.

MBA graduates also have access to the QS MBA Careers service. This is an MBA-only service that enables you to upload your details to a CV profile service used exclusively by some of the most successful businesses in the country.

Graduates' jobs

Previous graduates of the Westminster MBA have gone on to do the following:

  • Accountant, NHS
  • Chief Executive, Energy Saving Trust
  • Senior Planning Manager, HP Enterprise Services
  • Commercial Manager, Coca Cola Enterprises
  • AP Manager, Microsoft
  • Interim Chief Executive, Bindmans LLP
  • Senior Advisor, Banco do Brasil
  • Accountant, J Sainsbury's PLC
  • Accountancy Adviser, HM Treasury
  • Project Support Officer, Ministry of Justice
  • Commercial Manager, HSBC
  • Chief Executive, NUS
  • Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Civil Servant, UK Home Office
  • Project Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Analyst, Berenberg Bank
  • Project Manager, Tesco
  • Principal Forecasting Manager, Vodafone
  • Regional Product Manager, HSBC Bank Plc
  • Head of Basel II and Risk, Support Team, Bank of China

Find out more about MBA alumni


Our dedicated Career Development Centre is actively working with an ever-expanding network of over 3,000 employers to provide you with exceptional employability support and guidance. As a result we were nominated as finalists for a significant industry award – the NUE Awards Most Improved Commitment to Employability 2016.

We provide our students with work placements and international opportunities to support them in becoming highly employable, globally engaged graduates, and with one million businesses operating within 20 miles of the University of Westminster, over 84% of our students are in work or further study six months after graduation. Our graduates work in a variety of sectors and organisations, from small/medium-sized companies and start-ups to large not-for-profit organisations and corporates.

During your time at Westminster you will be able to use our comprehensive online vacancy service and meet with our experienced careers consultants, providing you with thorough training and support on CV writing, application forms, interview preparation and assessment centres.

In addition to this, you will receive careers support from academic staff and faculty work placement teams, offering targeted course-specific careers advice and assistance in securing a work placement during your time at Westminster. You can find out more about course-specific career opportunities by visiting the Prospects website.

For more details, visit the employability section on our site.

Career Development Centre

Our Career Development Centre can help and support you throughout your study and after graduation.

We can help you to:

  • find part-time/vacation, placement and graduate jobs, including voluntary experience
  • explore how to develop the skills that employers are looking for
  • plan your career development
  • identify your career options
  • market yourself effectively in CVs, application forms and at interviews
  • develop your enterprise skills

We also organise a range of presentations and networking events with employers, professional bodies, alumni and other organisations throughout the year to help you with career planning.

Find out more about the Career Development Centre.

Work Placements

Our Work Placement Teams are based in your Faculty Registry Office and can help you find a suitable placement, as well as support you in making applications, writing CVs and improving your interview technique.

More details on work placements can be found on our Work placements page.

Career options in your subject area

Our team of careers consultants work closely with Faculty departments to deliver tailored employability support, including subject-specific workshops, employer events and careers information, advice and guidance.

You can also browse the career options available to you after you graduate on the Career Development Centre's Finding work in your subject area pages and on the Prospects website.

Recognition and accreditation

  • Westminster Business School's MBA is accredited by The Association of MBAs – which proves the high quality of our programme and gives our students access to the (AMBA) resources including alumni and career development.
  • Westminster Business School was named preferred MBA supplier to the UK Government.
  • Our programme is ranked as a tier one programme for return on investment by the CEO magazine.

Professional connections

Westminster Business School works closely with a number of other professional organisations, including the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and the Chartered Management Institute.

Fully integrated programme

Westminster MBA is a fully integrated programme showing you how various areas of business and the business environment work together and influence each other.

Learning environment

  • Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds, including accountants, actuaries, and lawyers, doctors, marketing managers, IT programmers and engineers. We attract students from all over the world and the average age of our full-time MBA student is 31 years.
  • Our classes are small facilitating an individual approach and action-based learning, allowing you to establish trusting and supportive environment in which you and your classmates can comfortably experiment with new business ideas and learn from your experiences.

MBA facilities

  • We are currently designing a high tech boardroom which will be the hub for our MBA participants
  • The Marylebone Campus has a suite of rooms and facilities reserved for the sole use of postgraduate business students.
  • The library is open 24/7 and many references are available electronically. The campus is WiFi enabled for laptop and notebook usage and library and research facilities can also be accessed online from your home or office.
  • Blackboard, a virtual learning system, is used to support teaching and learning, with electronic communication and access to materials and information.
  • The Financial Markets Suite uses the Bloomberg platform, providing a state-of-the-art teaching and research resource.

MBA mentoring programme

Taking an MBA at Westminster is about much more than taught theory and classroom study. Our MBA mentoring programme gives you the chance to combine your learning with the everyday practices of working in business. The mentor helps you to gain a greater understanding of how British working practices compare to those in other countries. The programme runs twice a year, and you will meet with your mentor at least three times.

MBA Internship scheme

Westminster’s MBA Internship scheme offers you a unique professional and cultural insight into your chosen career area. As well as complementing your studies, and building up your skills and confidence, it provides fantastic London work experience and networking opportunities. The scheme runs either during the summer vacation on a full-time basis, or part-time during the autumn term. We will match your interests, skills and relevant experience to a number of London-based companies and provide interview practice.

Alumni and student networks

As a Westminster MBA student you will be able to learn from and build lifelong relationships with other students, and take advantage of the MBA, Business School and University alumni networks. You will also be able to share experiences and exchange ideas with fellow business school members around the world, through the QS MBA Careers platform and Association of Business Schools to name just a few. And you can take advantage of the wide range of careers support services we offer to all our MBA students including specialised coaching sessions, to help you develop your desired career path.

Central London location

Our Central London location places you in the heart of the biggest European financial and business centre giving you a unique opportunity to engage with a number of UK and international companies. London also offers you unrivalled access to the worlds of art, music, sport, theatre, and many other aspects of commerce and culture. It is an international travel hub, with easy routes to Europe, America and other global destinations. London is where things happen first – and as one of the city’s 400,000 students, much of what happens in the capital is within your reach.

MBA scholarships opportunities

Westminster Business School offers a limited number of partial fee waiver scholarships for the MBA Programme. The application process is competitive and we give preference to people employed in public or third sector organisations, who wish to remain in those sectors after they have graduated.

Find out about the scholarships opportunities

Our alumni say

Find out more about what our MBA alumni say about the programme and their successful careers.

Maria Axente 
Consulting Manager, PwC Digital Practice
Year of graduation: 2012

Lani Bannach 
Senior Legal Risk Adviser, DAHL Advokatfirma 
Year of graduation: 1997

Lena Benjamin
Managing Director, Ones Company Ltd
Year of graduation: 2010

Martin Bryant
Consumer Insights Professional, Energizer
Year of graduation: 2012

Hilary Carty
Independent consultant and coach specialising in leadership development and organisational change
Year of graduation: 1994

Charlie Clayton
Programme Director, NBCUniversal
Year of graduation: 2011

Helen Coleman
Business Transformation Lead, Pearson
Year of graduation: 2012

Chris Dreyfus
Director, Silver and Claret and Chairman, Soldier On!
Year of graduation: 2012

John Ellis
Executive Chair and Director, West Berkshire Health 
Year of graduation: 2012

Andrew Hooper
Director, Boom Training
Year of graduation: 2003

Matt Hyde
Chief Executive, The Scout Association
Year of graduation: 2003

Ajith Muthayl
Software Project Manager, Tyco International
Year of graduation: 2011

Tony de Nazareth
Chief Executive Officer at Crowd for Angels and Director at EC Capital, FreeUK, NinetyTen
Year of graduation: 1994

Kirit Patel
Chief Executive Officer, Day Lewis Group Plc
Year of graduation: 1998

Peter Ramrayka
Managing Director at Guycon Healthcare Management Consultancy and Chairman at Guyhealth (UK)
Year of graduation: 1998

Alex Vicenti
Director, MainLedger
Year of graduation: 1995  

Fiona Wallace
Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Nestlé Canada
Year of graduation: 2009

David Woodhouse
Accountant, Mark Davies & Associates
Year of graduation: 2009

Graduate Profile

Rupert TrevelyanRupert Trevelyan

Subject of study: MBA
Year of graduation: 1994
Name of company/employer: Epsom Racecourse
Your current position/job title: Managing Director

What does your current role involve? 

Basically I run the racecourse; we have three main business areas: Racing 15 days including the Investec Derby, the world’s greatest horse race which was first run in 1780! We have Britain’s biggest prize - £1.5m - and Britain’s largest sporting crowd - over 130,000 - in 2010. Revenue comes from ticketing, sponsorship and hospitality.

We also have a 365-day-a-year four-star conferencing and events facility which can accommodate over 1000 day delegates, and an onsite hotel, which is run by a general manager on a day-to-day basis.

What is a typical day for you? 

There isn’t one! The great thing about this business is variation. Most days I arrive before eight and leave after seven, but the preparation for the Derby is full on for a month before, 18-hour days, seven days a week. I am responsible for all aspects of the business and I have a Finance Director and a Director of Racing that I share with Sandown Park and Kempton Park. The rest of the team are sales, operations, marketing and grounds staff.

How has your career developed since graduating from University of Westminster?

I have had a varied career since completing my MBA – four years in international brand development with Compass, four years in senior marketing roles for Centrica, three years running the marketing and passenger operations of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company followed by 13 months as interim Marketing Director and consultant for the Royal Horticultural Society.

Have there been any challenges along the way?

Yes I am not one for an easy life, moving into Centrica was moving into the utility sector and a real culture shock. After four years I wanted to get back into the cut and thrust of a leisure company, an environment I love. Going to the Isle of Man didn’t quite work out as I planned and I commuted every week which really put stress on my family life – the reason I left in the end. Working on an interim basis for the RHS opened my eyes to the possibility of working for an organisation like Jockey Club Racecourse, owners of 14 racecourses including Epsom Downs, Newmarket, Aintree and Cheltenham.

How was your experience at Westminster Business School?

To be honest, I didn’t get the salary acceleration I hoped for straight away, but it gave me the confidence to take on varied new challenges and I love what I am doing at the moment.

What advide would you give to students and fellow graduates?

Follow your heart, enjoy what you do, be ambitious and never stop believing in yourself. The most successful people succeed for a combination of reasons, but you have got to want it, and put in the work.

How supportive did you find Westminster Business School?

I graduated in 1994, a long time ago now, but it was the support of my fellow students and my tutor Neil Botten that really made it a very worthwhile and challenging experience.

What has been the highlight of your career to date? 

My current job is the job I love most; I could have done it ten years ago but Epsom Downs is a very special place, so it was worth the wait. The Investec Derby is a fantastic race. There is nothing in sport (in my experience) that rivals the roar of 130,000 people when the Derby starts at 4pm on the first day of the season My ambition is simple: to once again stop the nation for the Derby. It is streamed in over 200 countries but it is a very English race and institution. I have got a lot to do. I also have ambitious plans to build the conferencing and events side of the business.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?

My idols have been mainly sporting ones: Filbert Bayi (Tanzanian world mile record holder in the 70’s), John Walker, Steve Ovett and Daley Thompson; but there is one man who stands above the rest who is not a sportsman - Nelson Mandela. After all he went through, his magnanimity, statesmanship and charisma are unsurpassable. If I could be a fraction of the leader that Mandela is then I would be very proud.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to stick around at Epsom for a while, it is a great job and I have a lot to do. Then I want to buy a Land Rover and to drive down Africa at a leisurely pace using the great rift valley as my core route, stopping to climb Kilimanjaro, and visiting Africa’s great game reserves, (Serengeti, Luangwa, Kruger), visiting the large lakes and passing through the land of my birth, Zimbabwe, through to Botswana and the Okovango swamps into Namibia and down the Skeleton coast then, on down to Cape Town. After that I will need to find a new challenge - hopefully then I will be in a position to lead an MBI for an innovative Small or Medium Enterprise.

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