International Business and Management MA/MSc

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Start: 15 January 2018
Duration: 1 year
Location: Central London
Campus: Marylebone

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Home/EU: £14,500.00
Overseas: £15,500.00

The International Business and Management MA is designed for students who wish to gain a broad, practice-driven understanding of the global business environment through the study of key subject disciplines and related thematic topics. A key feature of the course is its focus on experiential learning which is achieved through company visits and study trips. The overseas study trip will include an assessment linked to an actual business case scenario developed with an international organisation. Through this applied approach to learning, students on the course will benefit by being located in central London, one of the world’s major cities and international business hubs, whilst also experiencing the richness of a truly international business course that promotes a holistic and global view of contemporary business and commerce. To this end, the course seeks to challenge participants to comprehend contemporary developments in international business and place their own experiences and ambitions within that context.

The International Business and Management MSc (Please note: the MSc route is subject to approval) has been designed to advance your knowledge and develop the analytical and evidence-based skills that are needed in their future professional life. In terms of knowledge, the course focuses on a range of business and management disciplines. In terms of skills, the course will help you to build up critical thinking skills, presentation, negotiation and communication skills, sound decision making and evidence-based problem-solving skills, all of which are desirable for effective business personnel and leaders in a fast changing global business context. The course team aims to provide the best possible experience during your studies and one particular feature of the course is the overseas and domestic study trips, which have been very successful for the International Business and Management course. Extending the learning environment outside the traditional classroom, we will provide you with the opportunities to visit global and multinational corporations as well as family companies. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to key business themes such as branding, corporate social responsibility, strategy and sustainability, marketing and digital communication, leadership and people management. You will also have the chance to interact directly with businesses by observing, listening, discussing, reflecting and creating. We emphasise the importance of developing employability skills, exposure to ‘live’ business situations through field trips and case studies and also special talks and seminars given by leading business practitioners. Special emphasis in the MSc is also laid on enhancing participants’ analytical and data handling skills to investigate specific business disciplines in terms of their marketing, economic and financial implications.

Studying in the heart of London, the premier global city, adds to the richness of experience. In a rapidly moving global political and economic environment, the course team seek to challenge students to comprehend contemporary developments in international business and place their own experiences and ambitions within that context.

Course content

The course places much emphasis on the integration of theory and practice within an international environment and this is reflected in the teaching and learning strategies.  A variety of teaching methods aim to enable you to master the key concepts in the business and management field and to achieve a deeper understanding of these. You will be encouraged to be proactive in your approach to learning, by undertaking research and simulation exercises and working in teams. You will be also expected to spend an appropriate amount of time in private study.

The lecturing style is participative and seminar sessions frequently include case study analysis and discussion, the use of practical examples and references to students’ personal experience.

In addition to the teaching and learning on the core and option modules, you will have the opportunity to participate in both overseas and domestic study trips, and also a residential weekend. These experiential learning field trips aim to motivate/stimulate you to develop such competence as cross-cultural communication, teamwork, creative and critical thinking, leadership, working under pressure, etc. 


The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course. For more details on course structure and modules, and how you will be taught and assessed, see the full course document.

Core modules - MA and MSc

Financial Analysis for Managers

This module provides business managers with a comprehensive, practical approach to using financial and accounting techniques and analysis in their business lives. It also looks at the concepts behind the techniques, recent developments in conceptual thinking and academic critiques. It will give students the confidence and expertise to use financial techniques and concepts in business decision making.

Business Research Methods

This module aims to develop your knowledge and competence of the research process and the application of research methods in the area of Business and Management. It consists of an overview of methodology, literature review, qualitative and quantitative research methods and considers the contexts within which different methods are useful and how they should be applied in practice.  The focus is on research design, data collection and analysis, and the presentation of findings.

International Economics

This module is concerned with both practice and theories of International trade and finance. It is related to issues such as classical and neo-classical trade theories, intra industry trade, factor input mobility, trade policies, infant industry protection, economic integration, foreign investments, balance of payments, exchange rate regimes and their implications. It is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the underlying reasons for trade, shortcomings of the classical trade theories and some of the more modern trade theories.

International Marketing and Communications Management

This module examines contemporary global marketing issues from an applied and practical perspective. Providing an introduction to essential marketing principles, the module develops a thematic approach to ‘international marketing’ by exploring areas including culture, communication, innovation, distribution and sustainable marketing practices. Planned company visits (which may include field trip to an overseas (European) capital city) will form an integral part of the hands-on approach to teaching and learning where assessment is also largely driven by real-life business scenarios. 

International Business Strategy

This module involves strategic thinking that draws together all aspects of business & management. It applies strategic concepts and systems thinking to help students to understand how to manage businesses in a complex global business environment. The module content also apply contemporary strategic management theory and concepts to the critical appraisal of international business scenarios and cases. Students will learn how to develop sustainable business models and solutions in a complex and changing world and to think like business analysts, management consultants & executive decision-makers.

Leading and Managing in a Global Context

This module explores the development of leaders and managers from a multi-disciplinary perspective in a global context. It takes a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach to leadership and management development.  In our complex and interconnected world one needs to be open minded and ready to learn from all regardless of cultural, religious or social backgrounds. It also draws from historic examples and from the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions. Further it provides a historic and a critical, research based perspective on leadership.  Participants are invited to review their personal views and experiences of leading and managing and explore new concepts and skills to develop appropriate personal competencies.

Project – MA

It is expected that the majority of the projects will adopt a focus in for example Human Resource Management, Marketing Communications, and be more likely to apply qualitative or mixed methods and involve analysis of ‘soft’ and/or primary data.  However, students are not prevented from applying quantitative data approaches and secondary sources, for instance, to triangulate their findings.  Also, other types of project are possible, subject to approval, such as a consultancy project. In all cases, the project must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the appropriate methodology.

Project – MSc

The MSc and MA Project modules are differentiated by the focus of topic, the type of research method(s) and the type of data analysis applied in the project. It is expected that the majority of the projects will adopt a focus in Economics, Finance, Marketing Research or Leadership, and be more likely to apply quantitative or mixed methods and involve analysis of ‘hard’ and/or primary data.  However, students are not prevented from applying qualitative data approaches and secondary sources to triangulate their findings.  Also, other types of project are possible, subject to approval, such as a consultancy project. In all cases, the project must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the appropriate methodology.

Core module – MA

HRM Strategies for the International Manager

This module focuses on key people management skills for international managers (with elements like cultural differences and the international context considered essential). The module places strong emphasis on the need for managers to have a range of skills at their disposal in order to operate in an international, multi-cultural context. In particular, the module focuses on the intercultural competencies needed by managers, such as cultural awareness, and provides an evaluation of existing frameworks for understanding cross-cultural differences.  It aims to help students identify their likely future roles as international managers in organisations and the contribution of HR management to organisational objectives.

Core module – MSc (option for the MA)

Digital Information Management

This module aims to assist students in understanding information management and information systems, assessing the different information needs of organisations, and being able to assess the increasing importance of digital information technology and management of information and at times knowledge in global businesses.

Option modules - MA

Marketing Creativity and Innovation

This module will focus on creativity and innovation in marketing and their impact on increasing the competitive edge of organisations (across all sectors). The module will explore the complexity of the creative process and innovation at the individual, group and organisational levels as well as assess the competencies of a ‘creative’ / ‘innovative’ manager.

Option modules - MSc

Global Financial Markets

This module provides students with a thorough understanding of the interplay between international financial markets and national and international agencies; and to enable students to have a critical awareness of how exchange rate movements might affect the position of traders and investors in the international markets, and how to avoid foreign exchange risk by hedging in derivative markets.

Modern Finance

This module provides an overview of the essential topics in the field of Finance, including sources of Finance, capital investment strategies, the weighted average cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, corporate value, modern portfolio theory and financial instruments.

Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Management

A significant and growing field in the marketing profession is the use of analytics to inform managerial decision making. Although “analytics” seems to be a catch-phrase that encompasses anything having to do with numbers, marketing analytics comprises the processes that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by measuring their performance. Therefore, marketing analytics can offer profound insights into customer preferences and trends. The first part of the course will place more emphasis on analysis using excel and the second part of the module will extend the student’s knowledge of regression analysis using SPSS.

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

This module provides students with opportunities to critically analyse and reflect upon contemporary approaches in human resource management in an international context. The module particularly focuses on the critical role line manager plays in enabling people to add value and achieve sustained level of superior performance.

Course team

Dr Rebecca Wang, Course leader

Additional costs information ​

To check what your tuition fees cover and what you may need to pay for separately, see our What tuition fees cover page.

As a business and management postgraduate, you can look forward to excellent career prospects in general management or in relevant aspects of the economics of international business or as international finance specialists.

Our postgraduates have gone onto successful careers with international companies and charities and within overseas trade, with many of our international postgraduates fulfilling such roles in their own countries.


All Full-time Postgraduate (MA, MSC and MBA) WBS students have the opportunity to undertake a 2 month part-time unpaid internship in local organisations, so as to further enhance their academic experience. Our internships take place during the Summer and are in various fields including Marketing, Project Management, Retail, Marketing Communications, Finance, HR and the charity sector.

In order to apply, students must complete an application form (along with a copy of their updated CV) and submit this to the Business Experience Team (BET). Subsequently we then shortlist from the applications received and conduct group meetings with the students, which provides them with an opportunity to understand more about the internship programme and for the BET to better understand their internship aspirations. Ultimately it is up to our internship employers to decide whether they would like to interview the candidate(s) and offer him/her an internship.

We have received very positive feedback from both our Postgraduate students and employers and expect that the Internship Programme will continue to remain popular amongst our students.

Mentoring Programme

The Business Experience Team also offers full-time overseas postgraduate (MA, MSc, MBA) students the opportunity to take part in our WBS Mentoring Programme. We will match students with a senior professional (mentor) from their field of expertise to give them an exact insight into British working practices and policies. Experienced professionals in any business field share their career experiences and knowledge with students who may wish to venture down a similar path in the near future. Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including Marketing, General Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship. In addition, our mentors typically offer 3 hours of their time over a 3 month period to the mentee (student). In addition, to one-to-one meetings, students are encouraged to keep in touch with their mentor over email and telephone.


Our dedicated Career Development Centre is actively working with an ever-expanding network of over 3,000 employers to provide you with exceptional employability support and guidance. As a result we were nominated as finalists for a significant industry award – the NUE Awards Most Improved Commitment to Employability 2016.

We provide our students with work placements and international opportunities to support them in becoming highly employable, globally engaged graduates, and with one million businesses operating within 20 miles of the University of Westminster, over 84% of our students are in work or further study six months after graduation. Our graduates work in a variety of sectors and organisations, from small/medium-sized companies and start-ups to large not-for-profit organisations and corporates.

During your time at Westminster you will be able to use our comprehensive online vacancy service and meet with our experienced careers consultants, providing you with thorough training and support on CV writing, application forms, interview preparation and assessment centres.

In addition to this, you will receive careers support from academic staff and faculty work placement teams, offering targeted course-specific careers advice and assistance in securing a work placement during your time at Westminster. You can find out more about course-specific career opportunities by visiting the Prospects website.

For more details, visit the employability section on our site.

Career Development Centre

Our Career Development Centre can help and support you throughout your study and after graduation.

We can help you to:

  • find part-time/vacation, placement and graduate jobs, including voluntary experience
  • explore how to develop the skills that employers are looking for
  • plan your career development
  • identify your career options
  • market yourself effectively in CVs, application forms and at interviews
  • develop your enterprise skills

We also organise a range of presentations and networking events with employers, professional bodies, alumni and other organisations throughout the year to help you with career planning.

Find out more about the Career Development Centre.

Work Placements

Our Work Placement Teams are based in your Faculty Registry Office and can help you find a suitable placement, as well as support you in making applications, writing CVs and improving your interview technique.

More details on work placements can be found on our Work placements page.

Study in the city

If you study at the University of Westminster, everything that London has to offer is on your doorstep.

Our central London campuses are ideally located for the city's fantastic learning institutions including libraries, archives and museums, as well as opportunities for shopping, eating out, enjoying London's nightlife or just simply relaxing.


After choosing your course, one of your biggest decisions will be where to live, and we aim to make that choice as easy as possible. Whether you want to apply for our Halls of Residence or live in private housing, we can help you to find the right accommodation.

Fees, funding, bursaries and scholarships

In recent years the University of Westminster's scholarship scheme has been the largest university scholarships scheme in the UK, and our Scholarships Department won the Times Higher Education inaugural Award for Outstanding Support for Overseas Students.

Personal tutoring

All students on courses of a year or more and who are registered for more than three modules will be allocated a personal tutor.

Your personal tutor will be there to support you from induction onwards, helping you to integrate into the University, academically and socially, at an early stage. They will be able to give you advice and support on academic and personal matters affecting your study, as well as developmental advice through regular individual and group tutorials.

Language support

Polylang is a University-wide programme through which you can study a language as a free choice module.

Personal advice and counselling

While most students overcome any problems with help from friends, family or a personal tutor, the University's free counselling and advice services are there if you need them.

International Westminster

With one of the UK's largest international student populations, the University of Westminster has plenty of experience in giving you the help and support you need to make the most of your time with us.

Study Abroad and Summer School programmes

Westminster's Study Abroad programme has been running for more than 15 years, and is one of the largest in the UK – each year we welcome hundreds of visiting students from universities all over the world.

If you are already studying outside the UK, the programme offers you the opportunity to study with us for one or two semesters, or for a period in the summer.

Sport and recreation

The University has extensive sport and recreation facilities, with a sports hall and gym at Harrow, a state-of-the-art gym at Regent Campus, and the University sports ground by the River Thames at Chiswick.

Students' Union

University of Westminster Students' Union (UWSU) aims to make sure you have the best university experience possible by providing a range of activities and support, from sports clubs to society groups, educational advice and social events.

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