Subject to approval

What does ‘subject to approval’ mean?


Whenever a new course is created, it has to go through two stages of approval.


In the first stage, the course title and the general outline of the course are approved. In the second stage, the full details of the course, such as module titles, are approved. Although it’s rare, further changes may be made to all aspects of the course during this second stage.


Can I still apply for these courses?


Yes, these courses are open for applications – just click on the Apply button on the course page.


What happens if the course does not run?


In the unlikely event that the course does not get approval, you will be offered an alternative related course where possible.


Who do I contact to find out more?


For course-related queries, please contact the enquiries team on +44 (0)20 7915 5511 or at [email protected]