Research Centres

Centre for Employment Research (CER)

CER specialises in areas of education economics, employment relations, equality and diversity, entrepreneurship, small firms and self-employment.

Most staff approach these, and other labour market issues, from an applied microeconometric perspective and we have econometricians developing new techniques in behavioural economics. Much of our work is focused on the evaluation of government policy in these areas, members publish in the highest ranked international journals, and are involved in research projects commissioned by UK funding councils.

Research topics 

  • education economics (returns to education, social mobility, school-to-work transition, determinants of education, with a particular focus on further education and community colleges) 
  • labour economics (labour supply, inequality, discrimination, mobility, diversity) 
  • applied microeconomics 
  • policy evaluation
  • Self-employment/entrepreneurship.

Current and recently completed PhD titles

  • “Family Income and Children’s Outcomes: Evidence for the UK” 
  • “An Economic Analysis of the Councils of the United Nations” 
  • “An Examination of the Returns to Education in Iran” 
  • “Self-Employed and Wage Earners: Characteristics and Returns to Education in the United Kingdom Labour Market”

Centre for the Study of the Production of the Built Environment (ProBE)

ProBE is a joint research centre established in February 2010 between Westminster Business School and the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, committed to the developed of the social processes and people producing the structures and spaces that frame the urban and rural environment, nationally and globally.

Research topics 

  • Making a living: building industry workers in Britain c.1945-c.1980 
  • The transformation of the employment relation: the example of the construction industry 
  • Vocational education and training for low energy construction (VET4LEC) 
  • Adapting European workplaces: trade union initiatives to address climate change

Current and recently completed PhD titles 

  • The Transition from School-to-Work using a Capability Approach: The Case of Electrical Trainees 
  • Voices of the vernacular: forgotten buildings of Saudi Arabia 
  • Thermal Comfort and Building Design Strategies for Low Energy Houses in Libya 
  • Towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Lebanon

Centre for Research in Finance and Financial Services (CFFS)

CFFS brings together staff mainly from the department of Accounting, Finance and Governance specialising in the study of issues related to pensions, international financial markets, fixed income markets, financial econometrics, accounting, comparative international accounting, social and environmental accounting, accounting in less developed countries and various aspects of business law and governance.

Research topics 

  • general areas of accounting and governance 
  • empirical finance 
  • corporate finance

Current and recently completed PhD titles

  • The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007–09 on the Return and Volatility Spillovers: Empirical Evidence from Major Equity and Bond Markets