Portuguese – Evening Language Course

LocationRegent Street, Central London
FacultySocial Sciences and Humanities

Learn Portuguese in London with our part-time Portuguese evening courses.

Our language classes run from September to June at our central London Regent Street Campus just a few minutes from Oxford Circus. They are taught by experienced language teaching professionals who are native speakers of the language or equivalent. Adult students of all ages and nationalities from a wide range of backgrounds take part-time Portuguese courses with us. You can also join a Portuguese evening class in January for the second semester if you already have some knowledge of Portuguese.

This Portuguese evening language class follows a communicative approach to language teaching. Our lessons focus on language that is required for communicating in authentic situations with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Your progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis through homework, assignments and performance in class. You will receive verbal feedback from your tutor on every lesson and written feedback with your homework.

This level is for beginners and the first exposure to the Portuguese language (Term 1), allowing you to start to communicate. You have no or little previous knowledge of Portuguese.


You can book:

  • each term individually for £225 (£214 alumni fee*)
  • the whole year for a discounted fee of £530 (£504 alumni fee*)

*Please contact us at [email protected] to book using your alumni discount.

Courses no longer available
Start date Term Day and time Duration Price Apply
26 September 2016 Term 1 Mondays 6.30–8.30pm 10 weeks £225 Already started
9 January 2017 Term 2 Mondays 6.30–8.30pm 10 weeks £225 Already started
10 April 2017 Term 3 Mondays 6.30–8.30pm 10 weeks £225 Already started

Course content

Term 1


In this term, we will cover:

  • greetings and introductions
  • addressing people (formal/informal)
  • numbers 0–100
  • dates
  • at the café – snacks and drinks
  • expressions for feelings and everyday needs
  • likes and dislikes
  • personal information and identification
  • countries, nationalities and languages


You will learn:

  • definite and indefinite articles (gender and number)
  • nouns and adjectives 1 (gender and number)
  • interrogatives
  • demonstratives
  • subject pronouns
  • prepositions 1
  • verbs – present simple (ser, estar, ter, gostar, falar, chamar-se, comer, beber, querer)
  • affirmative, negative and interrogative

Term 2


In this term, we will cover:

  • numbers 100–500
  • jobs
  • location (work and home)
  • family
  • colours and animals
  • public places and immediate environment
  • opening and closing times (days of the week)
  • distance between places
  • future plans


You will learn:

  • prepositions 2
  • adjectives 2
  • possessives
  • adverbs 1
  • verbs – present simple (trabalhar, morar, ficar, haver, fazer, poder, ir)
  • future with 'going to'

Term 3


In this term, we will cover:

  • directions
  • numbers 500 – 1000
  • shopping for basics
  • describing and commenting on goods (quantities)
  • going on holiday – accommodation
  • at the hotel' checking in, facilities, making requests)
  • travelling (means of transport, time, enquiries)
  • at the restaurant (ordering meals, commenting)
  • the weather
  • describing a holiday


You will learn:

  • prepositions 3
  • adverbs 2
  • adjectives 3
  • verbs – present simple (custar, desejar, reservar, passar, atravessar, virar, telefonar, estacionar, chegar, partir, preferir, tomar)

There may be slight content variations at the discretion of the tutor. We may, for example, include additional content when general progress is good, or vary content according to students' interests.

Learning resources

We will use BBC Talk Portuguese (book + CD) throughout the course. However, please wait until the first session before buying your course book. We will also use the tutor's own materials.

Term dates 2016–17

Term 1
September cohort: 26 September – 2 December 2016
January cohort*: 9 January – 17 March 2017
April cohort*: 10 April – 21 July 2017

Term 2
September cohort: 9 January – 17 March 2017
January cohort*: 10 April – 16 June 2017

Term 3
September cohort: 10 April – 16 June 2017
January cohort*: 19 June – 21 July 2017

*Please note that not every language has a January or April cohort.