The Change Management Process: Making Progress and Dealing with Challenges

LocationMarylebone, Central London
FacultyWestminster Business School

This change management workshop is part of our Leadership Workshops series, designed for executives, managers and board members who wish to maximise their effectiveness and career potential.

New competitors and products, changes in management processes, new leaders and team members as well as political and legislative changes all impact on what we do and how we work. We all know we need to be prepared for changes, yet we all respond differently. Some are enthusiastic and grab opportunities to work and think differently, while others feel threatened and obstruct any attempt to introduce new ideas or ways of working.

In this workshop, we will:

  • explore how resistance to change can be understood so as to proactively address its impact on project progress
  • learn to create engaging strategies for change

Course content

Led by Dr Ruth Sacks, you will:

  • learn to recognise how and why change can trigger different types of response
  • define different levels of change
  • assess potential responses
  • learn how to create opportunities for development, engagement and involvement

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • understand the need for clear and ongoing stakeholder engagement and involvement in change programmes, and have tools and techniques to establish and maintain this
  • have learned about and tested proactive strategies to anticipate and manage resistance to progress
  • be more confident in the development and implementation of change projects

Dr Ruth Sacks is Principal Lecturer and Business Development Director at Westminster Business School, where she has instigated a number of leadership programmes featuring original and effective approaches to senior professional development.

Ruth is the course leader for the Leadership MSc– a new action learning-based Master’s degree for senior professionals.

Prior to joining Westminster Business School, Ruth worked in consultancy and management development roles on a range of strategic projects. Her clients included the United Nations, Cadbury, Trebor Bassett, Nottingham City Council and Swissport.