Lead with Your Strengths: a Workshop for Women

LocationMarylebone, Central London
FacultyWestminster Business School

Working with the results from an online strengths assessment, participants will focus on understanding how their strengths influence their approach to different aspects of their role. They will learn ways to develop their strengths for career development and senior role applications.

Lead with Your Strengths is one of our Leadership Workshops, designed for ambitious leaders and managers.

Course content

During this highly experiential workshop, executive coach and change consultant Gill Avery will lead you through a development process designed to enable you to explore and articulate your particular strengths, understand the relevance of these to career management and your aspirations for leadership roles. This workshop focuses on your next steps.

You will learn how to apply your strengths in scenarios that are directly relevant to you, and will also receive feedback on how to strengthen your presence.

Phone consultation

The follow-up individual strengths phone consultation with Gill will enable you to:

  • deepen your understanding of your own strengths dynamics in situations relevant to your aspirations
  • consolidate your next steps

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • increased awareness of your strengths and how these influence your style and approach to your role
  • learned how you can use your strengths to develop your career
  • identified how your strengths contribute to effective working in senior-level roles
  • created learning relationships with others who have similar aspirations

Gill Avery is co-founder of Consulting Women and Consulting People.

In addition to leadership development and team facilitation, Gill offers coaching, particularly for people in transition. She is also a sought-after mentor, having supported winners of the Future Leaders awards. Her experiences as line manager, internal consultant and leader of an organisational change practice inform her consulting and intervention design.

Believing in the benefits of true diversity, she has, with Moira Siddons, designed and delivered acclaimed women’s leadership development programmes including the Next Level, and the core of the ICAEW’s flagship Women in Leadership Programme.