Change Management: Communicating the Vision

LocationMarylebone, Central London
FacultyWestminster Business School

This change leadership workshop is part of our Leadership Workshops series. Designed for board members and senior managers, these highly focused workshops are facilitated by hand-picked subject experts with deep experience across all business sectors.

"Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed."
– Frances Hesselbein

During this experiential workshop, executive coach and sustainability mentor Neela Bettridge will challenge you to develop new perspectives by focusing in on yourself, your specific vision and how you communicate it.

Course content

By the end of her session you will:

  • understand the relationship between the impact of your language, emotions and physical presence and how successfully your vision is received
  • be confident in the best ways for you personally to communicate and promote your vision
  • have practised tools and techniques designed to ensure your vision lands, is convincing and inspires others to work to realise it with you

Watch our video to find out more about this workshop:

Neela Bettridge is an executive coach and sustainability mentor, who delivers resilience for businesses and inspiration for senior managers and board members to achieve greater success through conscious and centred leadership.

Her clients include Arup, Skanska, the NHS, Subway, BNFL, Barclays, Metronet and Lloyds Banking Group.