Alumni and media

Read testimonials from our alumni and what the media have said about the Women for the Board programme.


What our alumni say

"I have already put my learning into action and the results are amazing!"Louise Ashbrook, Sales Director, UK and Ireland, Information Intelligence Group, EMC

“I would encourage all women to come on this programme.”Isabella Donelly, Managing Director, Grebot Donelly

“I have learned so much from other women sharing their experiences and bouncing ideas off each other. I have also learned a lot about myself, and I feel more comfortable in my own skin.”Jennifer Farrelly, Financial Controller at ESB, Ireland

“The best thing has been the interaction, the exchange, the workshops … It’s an incredible opportunity.”Sabine Cronin, EMEA Inside Sales Productivity Manager at EMC, Ireland

Media coverage

“I asked women who are on boards what they wished they had known and that is where the course came from.”
Financial Times article

“Companies need to recognise what their staff – not only women – need in terms of experience and opportunity to reach a stage of development where they want, and feel able, to apply for senior executive positions or non-executive board membership.”
The Guardian article

“This is not a question of 'positive action'… but efficient learning.”
The Sunday Times article

"Scientific evidence is starting to show these techniques have a measurable impact."
Prowess article