Congratulations on receiving your offer to study here!

How do I know if my offer is confirmed?

If you hold a conditional firm or insurance place with us, you can find out if it’s been confirmed by checking your UCAS Track on A-Level results day. 

When we've received your results, we'll also send you an email or text message to advise you of our decision.

I'm waiting for my GCSE results/other conditions. What should I do?

If your offer is conditional on GCSE results, your place will be confirmed when these results are released on Thursday 12 August. As soon as you have your results, email them to us at .

If you're waiting on other exam results or conditions, these may also be published at a later date. As soon as you have them, email us at so that we can make a decision about your place.

I want to defer my place to next year

If you wish to defer your place and start in September 2022: 

  • Please email us at [email protected]
  • Use "Defer" as the email's subject line
  • State your Westminster or UCAS ID, full name and course title

I’ve received my results, but UCAS Track hasn't updated

If you have not received any communication from us or your place is still showing as conditional on UCAS Track, email us at .

I no longer want to study at the University of Westminster

If you're holding a confirmed place with us and you now wish to be released from Westminster to accept a place at another university, you must request an official release. 

You can do this via UCAS Track:

You'll need to sign in to UCAS Track and click the 'Decline my place' button. You will then be taken to a page with three options in a drop-down list. Depending on which option you select, you will be presented with different advice and guidance on your next steps. The options are: 

  • I want to go to my insurance choice
  • I no longer wish to go to university this year
  • I want to apply somewhere else in Clearing

If you choose ‘I want to apply somewhere else in Clearing’, you’ll be given a warning to ensure that you wish to proceed. 

When you confirm that you wish to be released into Clearing, UCAS will send you an email to let you know this has been actioned.