Between 2005 and 2013 the China Media Centre (CMC) has funded four Post Doctoral Research Fellows and obtained RCUK funding for one. Two doctoral students who upon qualification became post doctoral research fellows subsequently took up research posts at Oxford and Leicester, respectively.

In January 2011, two are still within CMC; Dr Xin Xin, who had an RCUK Fellowship and is now Reader in International Communications, and Dr Zeng Rong.

The CMC has funded, or is funding, seven PhD candidates, whose publications are not included here.

A Leverhulme Visiting Professorship was obtained for Prof Hu Zhengrong, now Deputy President of China Communications University, but his publications are not included here. The many publications, mainly in Chinese, of our Visiting Fellows are also not included here.

Single authored books

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de Burgh, Hugo, (2017) China's Media In The Emerging World Order.

Edited books

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London: Smith Institute

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Report of the Westminster Hearings on China’s Impact, held in Parliament March-July 2007

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[co-ed with Li Xiguang] (2012) 应对西方媒体: 新闻发言人及新闻官国际工作 Western Correspondents in China: system and policy Beijing: 中国党建读物出版社

[co-ed] Thussu,Daya Kishan, de Burgh, Hugo, and Shi, Anbin (2017) China's Media Go Global, Series: Internationalizing Media Studies

Journal articles

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A column “View on World Publishing” in “View on Publishing”(Chinese academic Journal), since January 2010 to 2011. (In Chinese)

A column “Publishing Review” in “Publishing Reference”(Chinese academic journal), since December 2010 to 2011. (In Chinese)

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A reprint will appear in Michael Keane and Wanning Sun (eds.) Chinese Media, vol. I London: Routledge (forthcoming/2013).

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A reprint has also appeared in D. P. Martinez and Kavin Latham (eds.) Documenting the Beijing Olympics, London: Routledge (2010). ISBN 978-0-415-57548-5

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Articles in edited collections

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