Zeng Rong

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Zeng Rong BA, MA, PhD is Post Doctoral Research Fellow. She studied International Relations at Peking University, worked as a journalist at China Central Television and then was a Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College Cambridge before taking the MSc in Media & Communications at the London School of Economics. She started her PhD at the University of London [Goldsmiths College] before transferring to Westminster after the foundation of the China Media Centre.

Zeng Rong’s research deals with the ways in which culture and politics interplay in the media even as the media are increasingly influenced by globalisation. She has writtenTELEVISION NEWS & THE LIMITS OF GLOBALIZATION:BBC World and Phoenix Television Today (to be published 2011) which examines similarities and differences between British and Chinese broadcast journalists qua international broadcasters and discusses from where the differences stem. Is culture still an important factor that makes journalists in different countries different, or have the global market and technological pressures made journalism the same in different cultural systems?

Zeng Rong has edited a volume on how China’s media handling system is adapting to the challenges of information explosion, Facing Western Media: the work of Chinese Spokesmen (in Chinese)with chapters by academics Ivor Gaber, Hugo de Burgh, Li Xiguang, Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy and the recent Minister of Information and now Dean of Media at Renmin University, Zhao Qizheng.

As co-researcher with Hugo de Burgh she has co-authoredOpportunities for environmental and climate change journalism in China:Overview and interview findingsCopenhagen: IMS and China’s Environment and China’s Journalists New York: Intellect .

Zeng Rong has completed and submitted articles for publication, including: ‘The management of news operations: A study in Phoenix Chinese television’, ‘British and Chinese Television News: A Comparative Textual Study’ and ‘The Culture of News: examination of assumptions about selection and evaluation in a Chinese and British newsroom’. She has co-written three other articles which have been submitted for publication.

Over the last 2 years Zeng Rong has had a leading role in the development of the China Media Centre’s consultancy and collaborative activities, which fund its Centre and its research. She has designed professional development courses for Hunan TV Group, Shanghai Media Group, Hubei Broadcasting Group, Henan Bureau of TV, Radio and Film and Shenzhen Media Group. Her current consultancy work is for other first rank media organisations Anhui TV, Zhejiang Media Group, Hangzhou Information Office and Qinghai Satellite.

Zeng Rong has been a key member of research teams working on environment journalism in China and on a case study into the evolution of Chinese Party and government information systems.

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