08 March 2011

China Media Centre (CMC) director Hugo de Burgh discussed the development of the University of Westminster’s summer school programme for Chinese students during a visit to the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) earlier this month.

The first cohort of GDUFS students visited London in August 2010 as part of a successful summer-long programme of practical journalism courses. Discussions on deepening this educational link took place in Guangzhou with Zhong Weihe, chancellor of the leading Chinese university.

Chancellor Zhong introduced GDUFS’s recent 45th anniversary celebrations to the visiting delegation, as well as the participation of its students in the Asian Games, beginning in Guangzhou today (Nov.12). Professor de Burgh expressed amazement at the changes that have occurred in the city, and his desire to return to the university to spend longer talking with students and staff. Chancellor Zhong, in turn, invited the CMC director back to deliver a lecture on the public communications, news and broadcast media field, an invitation which was readily accepted Professor de Burgh and CMC China academic liaison, Zeng Rong, were welcomed to GDUFS by Chancellor Zhong and his colleagues Liang Jie, deputy director of the Office of International Relations, and Hu Wentao, party committee secretary of the School of News and Broadcast Journalism.

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