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Network for Social Tourism and Regeneration

NET-STaR is a new seminar series supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).  NET-STaR will create a network to explore the potential of social tourism as a regeneration strategy in the UK, drawing on scholarship from tourism, family and social policy, regeneration and spatial planning.  Social tourism involves encouraging visitors to destinations in need of regeneration, often during the shoulder season, and / or offering holidays to the disadvantaged. Though well-established as part of public policy in much of mainland Europe, in the UK it is largely dependent on the charitable sector. To date, research in the field has been partial and fragmented, originating from different disciplines, and interaction between academics and practitioners has been limited.

The network breaks new ground by bringing together academics, policymakers and industry figures to examine existing academic work and debate policy experiences in a series of six seminars. Each seminar explores different aspects of social tourism with an emphasis on its role in regeneration and potential contribution to policy. The series as a whole provides a synthesised review of knowledge that will identify new research directions and point to innovative policy that is underpinned by theoretically informed research, collaborative in its approach, and cost-effective.

These web pages will provide information on forthcoming seminars, report on seminar findings as they emerge  and play a key role in building the network. As the seminar series progresses, they will contain an expanding repository of presentations and resources. Please take a moment to join the network, to be kept updated on available resources and news items.

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