The Cancer Research Group at the University of Westminster undertakes pioneering research into the detection, treatment and prevention of solid and blood borne cancers. Studies are undertaken at the genetic and epigenetic, transcriptomic and proteomic levels. Molecular modelling of protein ligand interactions are performed in collaboration with the Centre for Parallel Computing. Novel platforms for studying tumour characteristics and responsiveness to treatment are being developed. Further themes in the group are cell signalling / receptor-type protein tyrosine phosphatases, glycosylation, apoptosis, EMT and mapping immune responses and behaviours, novel diagnostic, immunotherapeutic and stratification approaches in relation to patient outcomes.

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The Cancer Research Group undertakes projects in three interlinked areas.

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Miriam Dwek and the breast cancer cookbook team

The Breast Cancer Cookbook

Academics from the Cancer Research Group have co-authored a Breast Cancer Cookbook.