Research centres

CAMRI operates five research centres (listed on this page). There are also three thematic research groups.

  • Centre for Social Media Research

    The Centre for Social Media Research is dedicated to the study of social media in their social contexts, exploring their cultural, economic and political dimensions.

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  • Africa Media Centre

    The Africa Media Centre promotes and disseminates research on communication, film, television, radio, internet, journalism, fixed/mobile phones, journalism and social change in Africa.

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  • Arab Media Centre

    The Arab Media Centre conducts, promotes and disseminates high quality, up-to-date scholarly research on Arab media and culture.

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  • China Media Centre

    The China Media Centre marks the University’s commitment to the understanding of China, and to extending our international research on the media.

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  • India Media Centre

    The India Media Centre is the world’s first research and knowledge transfer centre dedicated to the study of Indian media.

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Science and Technology

Research areas

The Communication and Media Research Institute is a world-leading centre for media and communications research.

Doctoral programme

CAMRI is a community of researchers, with doctoral students from around the world researching in media, communications and cultural studies.