Transfers from MPhil to PHD

Students wishing to transfer to Ph.D. are required to complete a transfer form. They consult with their supervisory team, reviewing work done and proposing further work and outlining its original contribution to knowledge. The transfer is an important step in monitoring student progress.

The transfer consists of a written report and an oral examination. This occurs normally 18 months after commencement of study for full time students, and 36 months after the commencement of part time study.

This transfer is subject to internal and/or external assessment prior to being sent to the Research Degrees Committee for approval, and formal feedback is given to the students. Transfer committees are held twice a year, and students and supervisors are given advance warning of the dates for submission of transfer documents.

The transfer normally consists of the following documentation:

  • Successful completion of all required postgraduate training
  • An outline of the research topic and hypothesis, and the research methods
  • An outline of the structure of the thesis
  • An appropriate timetable for completion of work for full and part time students, bearing in mind the Research Centre expects full time students to complete work no later than four years after the start of their studies, and part time students no later than seven years
  • A literature review
  • One or more draft chapters of the thesis

The oral examination is a formal procedure, similar to the viva voce exam, and is conducted to allow the student to present and defend their research argument, and to provide the opportunity for advice and support from the committee regarding the progress of the student's work. If a student is successful they receive a formal report from the University.

If a student is unsuccessful the committee informs the student and supervisor(s) of their decision, and specify details for further work to be conducted before the student can resubmit their documentation to the transfer committee.

In exceptional circumstances the transfer committee can recommend that the student cannot resubmit their documentation for transfer, and will recommend the student, supervisor(s) and Head of Doctoral Studies meet to agree a plan of action that will then be considered by the Research Degrees Committee.