Supervision is a complex process involving pastoral support and advice and academic guidance and assessment. At CAMRI you will find members of staff accessible and supportive as well as possessing the expertise that is necessary for the high quality academic guidance and support our doctoral students require.

All supervisors possess recognised subject expertise, and are known by peers in their own subject field. Students are given a supervisory team of up to three people.  The first Supervisor is the student's Director of Studies and has direct responsibility for the candidate's progress.  The second and/or a third Supervisor(s) are in place to strengthen the team, bringing other experience to that team.

Progress and the needs of students are assessed on a continuing basis through the supervision system, and by the supervisory team. The supervisor(s) and student distinguish a range of specific needs which are related to the student's research. These include an understanding of the various theories and methods from different disciplines and intellectual backgrounds that are part of research in the field of media and communication.

In particular, the supervisor(s) and student assess the appropriate research methodology and methods for the chosen research topic, addressing the issue of utilising research methods and theories that may come from or a range of disciplines. The student will learn to evaluate new research, and establish research parameters in order to undertake a literature review of their research topic.

Further needs are addressed in relation to the range of use of library resources, the use of archives, annals, theses, journals and other resources. Students learn about values and ethics in relation to their own research topic, copyright and legal issues, the sensitive use of data, in particular regarding research participants.

Supervisor(s) assist the student in the development of writing, presentation and dissemination, and ensure the student is aware of appropriate research presentation in different academic and professional contexts. Related to the dissemination of research, is the supervisor(s) role in advising students about career possibilities, and career planning.

You can browse the list of available supervisors, and know more about their research interests and availability, by visiting the CAMRI Research Staff pages.