Terms and conditions

To advertise a volunteering opportunity with us, you will need to agree to the following terms and conditions. You agree that:

  • Your organisation is a UK registered charity or similar organisation. Terms and conditions covering private organisations.
  • You are able to post vacancies with a clear, complete and current description of the duties and responsibilities.
  • Your organisation will only involve volunteers to complement and supplement the work of paid staff and not use them to replace paid staff or undercut their pay and conditions of service.
  • Vacancies have the potential of equipping the volunteer with graduate-level skills.
  • A formal acceptance letter or email will be issued into which we are copied when you have made a decision on appointing a student volunteer.
  • The volunteer will be shown around during their first visit and be introduced to other volunteers and relevant staff members.
  • Where applicable, the volunteer will be provided with any specific training to perform their volunteer assignment.
  • A clearly identified supervisor will be assigned who is responsible for the direct management of the volunteer.
  • Performance standards are set with a clear list of task to be actioned with measurable indicators and appropriate timelines for accomplishment of the tasks.
  • The organisation has an up-to-date equal opportunities policy.
  • The organisation has an insurance policy that also covers the volunteer.
  • The organisation has a health and safety policy.
  • Appropriate procedures are in place for dealing with volunteers concerns and grievances.
  • The organisation will reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses (such as travel and lunch) of the volunteer.
  • The organisation will take responsibility for updating its data on our system and letting us know of changes when they occur.
  • The organisation agrees to carry out an end-of-placement performance evaluation and provide feedback both to the volunteer and the University.
  • The organisation agrees to offer the volunteer the relevant insurance cover (eg public liability).
  • The organisation has completed a risk assessment for the role.
  • You are transparent and are able to give specific answers to all relevant questions regarding your international volunteering opportunities including:
    • the type of work that the volunteer will be doing
    • the existence or absence of a local partner
    • your financial or in-kind contribution to the volunteering programme, precise amounts for the volunteer’s financial contribution and how it will be spent
    • confirmation that you follow an ethical tourism practices
    • the timelines for the volunteering programme and its track record, precise contact details for the person responsible for the volunteering programme
    • details of the training and support that the volunteer will be receiving

We reserve the right to withdraw our support for any vacancy that does not meet the above criteria

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