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Who can benefit from counselling?

If you are an organisation, institution or business and recognise that your staff are struggling with organisational change, issues at work and managing difficult relationships, or that your staff are affected by their personal problems and these impact on their ability to focus and concentrate on their work, then you will find it useful to sign up to the Only Connect counselling service.

Only Connect offers counselling support to your staff, which is external and confidential. This may help your staff deal with their difficulties and help them to focus on their work rather than needing to go on sick leave. We are able to offer assessments and counselling sessions. We are also able to offer specialist, tailor-made workshops for larger numbers of staff.

Our counselling service is available on an individual and organisational basis, if you work in education and you:

  • would like to talk things through with a complete outsider
  • are under the sort of pressure that interferes with your capacity to work effectively
  • are so stressed that you feel unable to function properly at work
  • suffer from debilitating depression, panic attacks or other stress-related symptoms
  • feel in a rut with your work or personal life and can’t make any moves forward
  • have stress-related symptoms that you want to get to the root of
  • have been affected by an incident, such as a sudden death in your organisation
  • are going through a redundancy or grievance at work
  • have a health or disability issue that is affecting your life in general and at work
  • are experiencing relationship problems such as divorce or separation
  • would like to explore the personal impact of change or conflict within your organisation

Cost of sessions

Some organisations have an arrangement with us to provide a limited number of free sessions – please check with your HR department. If no arrangement has been made, fees are on a sliding scale depending on your income.

Your income Cost per session
under £20,000 £40
£20,000–£30,000 £45
£30,000–£40,000 £50
£40,000–£50,000 £55
over £50,000 £60

Read more about our counselling arrangements and our Only Connect counselling services below.

Staff team workshops

As well as individual sessions, we provide workshops for teams to staff in your organisation. These workshops include topics such as managing work stress, how to work with difficult students and the emotional aspects of learning and teaching.

To find out more, visit our workshops for staff teams page.

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