• Professor Stephen Armstrong (Engineer: Innovation Systems)*
  • Gary Austin (Certified Professional Facilitator)
  • Hazel Braithwaite (Occupational Psychologist)
  • Stewart Desson (Business Psychologist)
  • Julian Gibson (Consultant Mediator)
  • Jacqui Harrington (Business Psychologist)
  • Nazanin Jazayeri (Business Psychologist)
  • Bryan Manning (Engineer: Systems Design)*
  • Bill Mayon-White (Organisational Change Consultant)
  • Judith Okonkwo (Business Psychologist)
  • Funmi Olukoya (Business Psychologist)
  • Dr Jermaine Ravalier (Research Psychologist)
  • Dr David Rogers (Chemical Engineer)
  • Anamika Viswanathan (Business Psychologist)
  • Rachel Wingert (Mediator/ Barrister)

*Both Prof Stephen Armstrong and Bryan Manning have been appointed as Visiting Professors to the University.

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