Director: Professor Stephen Benton

The Business Psychology Centre (BPC) occupies a strategically important role in the University’s aim to develop world-class knowledge transfer activities of relevance to both societal and organisational life.

A Quintin Hogg foundation award enabled Professor Benton to establish the BPC in 2001. The Centre’s launch was preceded by the success of Europe’s first MSc Business Psychology course, originated in 1998 by Professor Benton, here at the University of Westminster.

The Centre is headed by Professor Stephen Benton and houses academic staff, researchers and expert practitioners, all of whom are actively engaged in; providing teaching and Problem Based Learning (PBL) materials for the MSc Business Psychology programme, applied research contracts, as well as delivering on specific Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTPs) and consultancy. The Centre’s philosophy is a practical one, to seek ways in which diverse academic expertise can combine with expert practitioner skills to create and deliver evidenced based solutions within the social and organisational domains. Our operational stance recognises that by profiling individuals’ behavioural and psychological differences, as they interact within the demands made by specific core performance competences, we can enable and support behavioural and performance quality.

Accordingly, the BPC has achieved a track record of excellence in the development and delivery of specific performance-oriented services/courses as well as broader applied research projects.

The centre’s project income portfolio includes

  • 1998-to date: design and delivery of the MSc Business Psychology programme.
  • 2001: Quentin Hogg Award (£41,000), to found and develop the Business Psychology Centre.
  • 2002-03: Educational Initiative Award to Profile Workplace Competence in Innovation and Learning Demands across Key Business sectors: £12,000.
  • 2004-05: £28,000 (with Dr HG Leventhall) to investigate Coping Strategies for Low Frequency Noise. Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs   (DEFRA) Award code: NANR 125.
  • 2005-06: £17,000 - Home Office funding for Leadership Assessment and Development programmes.
  • 2007-10: £164,000 Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) award, addressing psychometric properties of an evaluator in partnership with Insights Learning and Development Ltd.
  • 2007-08: Awarded £14,000 - London Development Agency (2007-08). Development of Performance Questionnaires in Partnership with Springboard Ltd.
  • 2008: Awarded £152,000 (European Commission 7th framework) Behavioural Assessment and Profiling of Degenerative illnesses.
  • 2008-09: DEFRA Award: £37,000 (with Dr HG Leventhall) to develop CBT interventions for Low Frequency Noise Sufferers, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Coded: NANR 237-Noise and Health.
  • 2008-11: ESRC £765,000. New Dynamics of Ageing research programme. In partnership with the Universities; of Wales, Manchester and Belfast. Topic: Design for Ageing Well: Improving the Quality of Life for the Ageing Population: A Technologically Enhanced Garment System.
  • 2009-11: TSB/MRC award: £106,000 (KTP) partnership with PAERS Ltd; Development of Effective User-System Interface for Patient Access to Electronic Records.
  • 2009-11: EU award (£41,000), under the Life Long Learning programme: DEAF PORT. Partnered with the UW department of languages.
  • 2010-11: Westminster Exchange Research Award (£9,000). Core Skill Competences for Employability: Nurturing our students towards fitness.
  • 2011-13: Technology Strategy Board Award: £1,700,000: DAP Connect - Toolkits for Assisted Living. Economic and Business Models, and Social & Behavioural Studies. Number: 25194. In partnership with Advanced Digital Innovations, Carers UK, Docobo, Microsoft, Foundation for Assistive Technology, Health over Internet Protocol CIC, London School of Economics, Telecare Services Association and Building Research Establishment.
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