Burin Tharavichitkun

Research Title: Rethinking Thai architecture and  cultural identity

Director of Studies: Professor Murray Fraser
Second Supervisor: Ben Stringer
Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2007 Full-Time

Thesis Synopsis

The underlying aim of this PhD by Design thesis is to find sophisticated solutions to solve the existing problems caused by unsuccessful hybridisation of western modes of thinking in Thai cultural sensibility. Research is divided into two parts: firstly, a deep exploration of traditional Thai environment, in terms of its architecture and urbanism, everyday life and the related issue of local cultural identity; and secondly, the development of design solutions related to some specific conflicts in areas of Chiang Mai and Bangkok that have been caused by unsuccessful hybridisation between two different cultures. ‘Emergence Theory’ will provide the basis for the investigation, with the aim being to evolve a mode of design experimentation through physical models, paintings, drawings, photographs, computer animations, etc.