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Claire Robertson completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Human Nutrition at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh (1997) before joining the Queens University of Belfast to complete a PhD entitled ‘the role of carbohydrate and the glycaemic index concept in cardiovascular risk’ (2001). As clinic coordinator and site nutritionist in the INTERMAP (International collaborative study of macro and micronutrients and blood pressure) Belfast centre, Claire led a team of 8 medical and dietary interviewers. 

After graduation, Claire moved to Imperial College London as a researcher, where she was Country Nutritionist for the INTERMAP study, ran two separate UK Food Standards Agency projects and taught undergraduate medicine students and masters students on the MSc in Modern Epidemiology. Claire joined the University of Westminster in April 2006 as a senior lecturer in nutrition and public health, and now runs the new MPH/MSc course in Public Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity. 

Research Interests

Claire's research interests centre on public health applications in nutrition. Areas of specific interest include:

(i) determination of the extent to which integrated schistosomiasis and intestinal helminth control programs produce measurable effects on improved nutritional status, reduced morbidity and improved school attendance;

(ii) post market monitoring of novel food intakes;

(iii) the roles of carbohydrate and the glycaemic index in chronic disease; and

(iv) utility of e-Health techniques to maximize health gains in the UK.

Current Research / Ongoing Projects

The projects in which she is currently working are detailed below:

  • Active collaborator in the INTERMAP study. This International collaborative group investigates the effects of micro and macronutrients in blood pressure. Current interests in this study include dietary supplement intakes, carbohydrate and the glycaemic index and its effects on blood pressure, and reassessing intakes using food grouping analysis methods.
  • An eScience project which she is closely involved in is PHRISK. This internet based package – currently focussing on the condition can be located, monitoring of health care can be done electronically between patients and their care teams, and support can be offered. Currently under-development, our aim is to develop this resource into a health care prescription for all diabetic patients in the UK.
  • The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative at Imperial College London are currently completing a treatment and evaluation program in 6 countries while developing, implementing and evaluating an integrated health package of drug treatment against neglected tropical diseases for poor populations in Burkina Faso, Niger and Tanzania. She is currently heading the nutritional monitoring and evaluation of this research grant from the Gates Foundation.

Selected Publications

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Conference presentations or/and Other publications

V. VLECK, C. ROBERTSON & T. KASIC (2007) Training, life stress and injury occurrence in British recreational runners of both genders: a one-year retrospective study. 12th ECSS Congress Jyväskylä, Finland 11th-14th July.

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CLAIRE ROBERTSON; NICKY BEST; JUDITH DIAMOND & PAUL ELLIOTT. Poster presentation: Detecting patterns in household consumption of foods & nutrients in Britain. 9th European Nutrition Conference, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy. October 1st-4th 2003.