Biomarker team

Dr Diluka Peiris

Diluka Peiris

Diluka earned a BSc in agricultural sciences in Sri Lanka and an MSc in Biotechnology at the University of Westminster. Her PhD studied the interaction between different fungal species as a model of primitive defense mechanisms (under Professor John Hedger). Diluka utilised metabolomic and proteomic techniques during the work of her PhD.

Since joining the Cancer Research Group, Diluka has been involved in proteomic studies of breast cancer tissues. Diluka is currently working with the Attana Biosensor to evaluate the binding properies of lectins and antibodies to cancer cell surfaces.

The Faculty of Science and Technology is the first in the UK to make the captial investment into this cell-based biosensor equipment, to enable evaluation of kinetics of cell: protein interactions.

Simon Fry

Simon Fry

Simon has a background in biochemistry having read his BSc at Imperial College London, and undertaken post graduate work in the Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University. Simon has experience of glycan mapping using HPLC and MS, affinity chromatography and 2-DE based proteomics.

Simon is focussing on identification of proteins elevated in the serum of cancer patients using samples from the biobank established by Dr Leathem, shown above.

Blood test research.

Biomarker research

Development of a blood test for recurrent breast cancer.

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