Barbora Cherifi

Research Title: The influence of place of  residence of potential tourists on destination images and their formation: A case study of Czech images of destination London Research Areas: Destination image and its formation

Director of Studies: Dr Andrew Smith Second Supervisor: Professor Robert Maitland Third Supervisor: Dr Nancy Stevenson Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2008 Full-Time


Barbora was awarded a PhD Scholarship by the  University of Westminster. She completed her MA in Tourism Management at the University of Westminster in 2008. In 2009 she completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching whilst being actively involved in teaching, marking and supervising research projects in the tourism department. She is a member of the Tourism Society.

Thesis Synopsis

The aim of this research is to investigate the images held by Czech residents who have not visited London. This research seeks to contribute to the wealth of theoretical knowledge by offering a critical investigation of the relationship between destination image, its formation and the influence of place of residence in respect of degree of urbanisation as well as country of residence of potential tourists. This interdisciplinary research draws upon the subject realms of urban tourism, place marketing and geography.

The literature used for this study draws upon the fields of destination image, naive destination image and its formation, investigates links between culture and perception of the world, globalisation, relationships between Czech culture and destination London, urbanisation of potential tourists’ place of residence and its impacts. The nature of destination images and the comparative nature of this study, has led to application of the post-positivism within this study and to phenomenographic approach. A self-completion questionnaire with open-ended questions has been selected as a suitable qualitative method. Two pilot studies have been undertaken. Altogether 300 individuals have participated in the main study.

Recent Publications, Exhibitions, Presentations

  • Cherifi, B. (2009): Destination images of potential tourists: Sampling Framework, University of Nottingham, 2 July 2009  (conference presentation).
  • Cherifi, B. (2010): The influence of place of residence of potential tourists on destination images and their formation: A case study of Czech images of destination London, ATLAS Doctoral Colloquium, 2 November 2010 (conference presentation).

Teaching and Employment Interests

Barbora is currently supervising altogether 11 tourism-related research projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Apart from supervision, she is also teaching and marking in the tourism department. She was one of the organisers of colloquium ‘Understanding Places’ at the University of Westminster and has also been involved in the process of testing GPS in an investigation of tourists’ experiences of London, in collaboration with UTS, Sydney. Her research interests include destination image and its formation and in particular naïve destination image held by those who have not visited the destination.

Contact Details and Further Information

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