BA Honours Film and Television Production graduate showcase 2008


Impulsive, ill fated, but always with the best intentions, Paul Thomas is a uniquely haphazard funeral director. A tale of love, loss and good intentions.

  • Director: Miles Blayden-Ryall
  • Producer: Lily Fitzpatrick
  • Writer: Pete Butler
  • Director of Photography: Laurens Scott
  • Editor: Oceanne Esparcieux & Jessica Shaw

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Graduation Film

Embittered Maths teacher Jeffrey Gibbons is unlucky in love. Returning to his job after a messy divorce, Jeffrey quickly diverts his attention towards fiery red head Alison, not realising that all he needs may have been there all along.

  • Director: Joe John
  • Producer: Ellie Rennie
  • Writer: Kulraj Sandhu
  • Director of Photography: Matt Woof
  • Editor: Lars B. Frahm

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Graduation film

As a drag racing champion, Andy Carter has big hopes and dreams for his four year old son and only child, Albert. A humorous observational documentary, the film is a 15 minute window into their relationship as Andy prepares Albert for life as a future motor racing mega star.

  • Director: Arni Magnusson
  • Producer: Marie Hession & Cey Sesiguzel
  • Camera: Laurens Scott
  • Editor: Marc Richardson


Royal Television Society Student Television Awards - Best Factual

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Graduation film

William works as a butcher in London. Spending his days surrounded by meat, knives and blood he is not a man to be easily shocked. One day William finds himself confronted with a situation he could never have foreseen, forcing him into an inner struggle that threatens to destroy himself and the people he cares for.

  • Director: Robert Harper
  • Producer: Janika Oberg
  • Writer: Martin Clement
  • Director of Photography: Tomohiro Ichikawa
  • Editor: Ines Von Bonhorst

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Graduation film

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, a young family inadvertently checks into a hotel run by a family of serial killers with an appetite for shoes and babies...

  • Director: Cey Sesiguzel
  • Producer: Salome Wouters
  • Writer: Lars B. Frahm
  • Director of Photography: Edmund Curtis
  • Editor: Stephanie Franklin

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1st Year Drama

showcase pimlico

Leonard has finally buried all of his problems - or so he thinks. But can he escape as those problems keep coming back to haunt him?

  • Director: Will Dorrien-Smith
  • Writer: Harry Sloan
  • Producers: Derek Ewers
  • Director of Photography: Iain Stokes

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