BA Honours Film and Television Production graduate showcase 2007


Ray and Saleem are best friends, in what seems to be a harmonious multicultural society in East London. But when Saleems sister becomes pregnant with Rays child, racial, religious and political tensions explode.

  • Director: Jenny Sadler
  • Producers: Mamoon Ahmed and Andrea Colomb
  • Writer: Joe Barton-Atkinson
  • Director of Photography: Min Soo Kim
  • Editors: Kat Gobel and Ellis Zenios

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Graduation film

Showcase Shenzehn

Yu Haibo is as a photo-journalist in China and has documented the social transformation of the city of Shenzhen over the last eighteen years. Yu Haibo is the father of Shenzhens director, Yu Tianqi. This documentary explores both Haibos and Tianqis relationship with the twenty-six year old city and its population of migrants.

Director: Tianqi Yu


Grand Jury Prize
Screen Test National Student Film Awards 2008

Best Documentary
Screen Test National Student Film Awards 2008

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Graduation film

Showcase Jump

Two worlds collide when Oscar (Mark Wingett - Quadrophenia, The Bill), has a momentary lapse at the wheel of his car. As a result, he is left with the guilt of causing a death, and 18 year old Laurie is left without a mother - but is determined to bring up his young sister on his own.

Oscar and Laurie both struggle, in their own ways, to deal with the consequences of the accident. A few weeks later, fate brings them together. After a chase through London's streets, Laurie finally confronts Oscar on the balcony of a restaurant high above the city.

  • Director: James Nunn
  • Writer and producer: James Hanford
  • Director of photography: James Nicholas Fuller
  • Editor: Richard Deeb


Best Drama
Royal Television Society Student Television Awards 2008

Best Technical Achievement
Screen Test National Student Film Awards 2008

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Graduation film

showcase osgood's circus

England, 1864, Osgoods Circus rolls into a small rural village. Despite the range of talented performers there is only one who still manages to bring in the crowds, the mysterious and intriguing Mai Li Zhen, the Jewel of the East. However, when a proposition is offered to her from a prestigious theatre in London, the hidden nature of her predicament unravels. Bound to the circus her only hope of escape lies in a young and inexperienced performer, Nell. But to what lengths must Nell go in order to attain Mai Lis freedom? And where do Mai Lis allegiances truly lie?

  • Director: Elliot Fu
  • Writer: Roisin McCarthy
  • Producers: Hamish Morrow and Katy Williams
  • Director of Photography: James Karinejad
  • Editor: Jody McAlavey

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2nd Year Drama

showcase show of penitence

Desperate to regain his lost stardom, Guy, a former teenage acting sensation, accepts an offer from Bollywood director Nix to start in a western for a Middle Eastern television network.

While shooting the pilot, Nix turns out to be a tyrannical director with a foul mouth and an incredibly short fuse. After Guy experiences one too many humiliations on set, he decides to stand up to Nix... and things start to get messy.

  • Director: Peter Butler
  • Producer: Jannika Oberg
  • Writer: Nate Brooke
  • Director of Photography: Harry Courtenay-Bishop
  • Editor: Oceanne Esparicieux

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