Atepheh Amid

Research Title: 24 hour cities in a Persian context
Research Areas: 24 hour cities, Night time economy, Persian cities

Director of Studies: Professor Marion Roberts Second Supervisor: Dr Adam Eldridge Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2009 Full-Time


Atepheh studied Architecture in Iran, obtaining a MA in 2005. She started working as an architect and  researcher in the consultancy companies since 2001. She started her PhD research at the University of Westminster in 2009, under the supervision of Professor Marion Roberts and Dr Adam Eldridge.

Atepheh started working as a lecturer and tutor in three universities in Iran in 2005. She has extensive experience of working as an architect and researcher as well as the supervisor of constructional sites. She is also interested in Architecture photography.

Thesis Synopsis

The 24-hour city is a modern category of city in western countries, and refers to a city that functions day and night. The concept is derived from Jacobs’s (1961) classic text, and arguments against the mono functionalist zoning of modernism, and in favour of medium- to high-density mixed-use living. This was also an approach to overcome the limited time- use of the city which was causing problems of safety at night- time (Heath, 1997).

The “night-time economy” which was firstly coined by Hobbs emerged, and since then, it has played an important role in the economy of a city. From an economic point of view, alcohol is the core commodity that attracts individuals into the night-time city (Hobbs et al. 2005). A mass development of licensed premises resulted in new problems in British town centres after 9 p.m.

Many studies have been carried out in Western 24-hour cities while there has been less investigation into Middle Eastern examples where they are a result of religious practices or as a response to the climate.

Atepheh proposes to research the 24-hour city in Iran, where alcohol is banned. She explores Mashhad as a 24-hour city which the activities are based on pilgrimage. It is the second biggest city of Iran with a shrine at its centre. The city hosts millions of pilgrims every year, which exceeds the residential population in the holidays and summer. This huge number of visitors and the shrine characterizes the city, its night life and its 24-hour activities.

Recent Publications, Exhibitions, Presentations

2005/ Cinema Builders, Translation from English to Persian

2008/ Envisioning Architecture: Drawings from the Museum of Modern Art, Translation from English to Persian

Teaching and Employment Interests

Atepheh is interested in teaching and visiting lecturer positions in Architecture at university level.

Contact Details and Further Information

[email protected]