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The Ljubljana Process

The Ljubljana Process (also known as the Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan/Survey of the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (IRPP/SAAH)) is part of the Council of Europe’s Regional Programme in S.E. Europe.

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Vertigo in the City

Vertigo in the City is an exploratory research project led by Dr Davide Deriu in collaboration with Dr Josephine Kane in the Department of Architecture at the University of Westminster. It has been funded by a Wellcome Trust Grant in the Medical Humanities.

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Picturing modern Ankara

The project, led by Dr Davide Deriu, focuses on the making of modern Ankara into the capital of the Turkish Republic during the 1920s–30s. Image: Koç University – VEKAM Archive.

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European Architectural History Network

Since its foundation in 2006 the European Architectural History Network (EAHN) has become the preeminent European association of academics, architects and professionals concerned with architectural history, with over 1500 members worldwide.

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The Architectural History and Theory Group publishes widely in a range of academic media.

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